Introducing A New Friend

Introducing A New Friend


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20 Responses

  1. Tara M says:

    +Ershin Havok Subjective. A lot of ppl love Fallon for more reasons than
    just an ability to land a joke. Including me. Love Colbert too.

  2. Ershin Havok says:

    youd have to love him for more than his ability to land a joke, cuz he
    doesnt land them lol. He’s a “comedian” for the masses like Gabriel
    Iglesias or Jeff Dunham. nothing wrong with that per se.

  3. Kevin Piastra: Comedian says:

    Fallon sucks

  4. DpressPlays says:


  5. Kaleem Ullah says:

    wow he ate those super fast.

  6. Trevor Skies says:

    Ad-blockers brought me here lol

  7. Morgan Martin says:

    This man is my hero…

  8. I'm a Robot Repairing Itself says:

    This video was really quiet.

  9. C. Caroll says:

    I couldn’t be happier. You can’t go wrong with Jon Batiste!

  10. FoolsGil says:

    OMG Stephen is the eagerest little beaver with that grin!

  11. Dango Ruiz says:

    Wish he stayed as Colbert at the Colbert Report 🙁 That show was the best.

  12. Patrick White says:

    The world is not ready for the level of nerd that is coming to Late Night.
    Stephen Colbert, the perfect choice to draw in a new generation of Late
    Night viewers.

  13. Jimmer S says:

    But will Jimmy be there to role the clips?

  14. Evening Blues81 says:

    I hope the new band mixes it up frequently. I love New Orleans style jazz,
    but not over West Coast or New York.

  15. Convescation says:

    Eh I’ll give you my subscription I guess

  16. David Smith says:


  17. Khu NoPie says:

    Colbert literally takes the cake

  18. Stephen Cumberworth says:

    I liked them on the Colbert Report, but that performance right there was
    pretty sad.

  19. tygerteam2 says:

    His band leader is a musician from New Orleans? Stephen Colbert can do no
    wrong. :)

  20. bakerXderek says:

    Looking forward to the new show !!!