Introducing Bad Joke Detector

Introducing Bad Joke Detector

Once and for all, remove all the bad jokes from your phone with Files Go.

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50 Responses

  1. A Z U L says:

    E pavê ou pácumê?

  2. jparchive says:

    The Earth is Flat.

    Bad Joke Detected
    And dead meme too.

  3. Andi Qu says:

    0:47 those beakers are arranged in the colours of the Google home page

  4. Tech Hat says:

    Haha, April Fool !!!!!!!! 😂😂😂

  5. Thoidingjam Nachan says:

    Manipuri 😁😁😁😁. I hope it was true.

  6. Ihatequests Dev says:

    I Wait for googles April fools video every year, this one could be a tad bit better.

  7. Limited Time Offer says:

    so it can detect all these horrible “so it can detect my entire existance/life” jokes, huh? sounds useful!

  8. EessaDev says:

    Happy April fool’s fool!

  9. bhar hazem says:

    worst april fools ever

  10. Kojisan1 says:

    I think my Bad Joke Detector just deleted this video.

  11. Alexander Cafarella says:

    Happy April Fools & Easter… Oh wait, that was yesterday

  12. Naveen MN says:

    Does google monetizes their own videos?😂

  13. Julius E says:

    This guy is so clearly dutch

  14. laciee says:

    A YouTube Management detector. Nice!

  15. Bibasik7 says:

    0:48 Like if you found the hidden Google logo!

  16. Wyatt Booth says:

    it’s not working, this video is still up

  17. Jace Adams says:

    *If it’s getting rid of bad jokes then why can I still see this video?*

  18. You Tube says:

    Nice try but I am not going to fall for it.

  19. Anesu C says:

    You got me with the aeroplane mode joke. I cringed so hard haha!

  20. Killapietro 96 says:

    Google is a bad joke…

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