Introducing Leroy Version 2.5 – His New Engine is INCREDIBLE! **Bald Eagle/Freedom ALERT**

Introducing Leroy Version 2.5 – His New Engine is INCREDIBLE! **Bald Eagle/Freedom ALERT**

LEROY IS BACK… and better than ever!
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54 Responses

  1. Wesley Markham says:

    Put it in Ruby!

  2. Wesley Markham says:

    Lol please put it in Ruby and put the 4.8 the elco

  3. PhillipMicah says:

    James is that one friend everyone has who always tries to encourage bad decisions. I love those guys.

  4. Taylor C says:

    Quit putting tap water in her lol

  5. Royal Vst7 says:

    I would like to see how that 427 engine perform on ruby… so sick…hell yeah brother!!!

  6. Adam lewis says:

    I think that Michigan fan needs some reminders from the team south of em ?

  7. Jared Anthony says:

    Texas speed treats you guys amazingly! If I had an ls I would definitely be going after those valve covers. Also you guys should talk to some really good engine oil companies like amsoil for some heavy duty race oil that wont loose viscosity and lubricity as bad as a generic oil

    • Dominicandante says:

      Mobil 1 is really good

    • Alyn Romero says:

      Of course Texas speed treats them right. They get sponsor cleetus. I mean he gets a bgreat deal on engines and all he has to do is talk good about the company. Don’t get me wrong, based off the years of watching his vids i can say texas speed makes great engines. But there is plenty of other shops that build incredible engines ls too.

    • Jared Anthony says:

      +Alyn Romero I think you missed the point.. not all sponsors treat their receivers well they just treat them well enough where it hurts to lose them. Texas speed goes above and beyond for cleetus and they have a personal connection with him including having him race their car for them. It’s more than a sponsorship with him and Texas speed it seems to be a friendship. They dont need cleetus to go out of his way talking them up because they show themselves through his channel what they are made of

    • GixxerDad 600 says:

      +Jared Anthony that’s why they had been at the last two or three cleetus and cars doing the demo Drags and stuff yea they are friends at this point

  8. Möebius 2k says:

    One of the most exciting channels to watch at the moment. I too will second Anthony’s nomination for you guys to be honorary Australian burnout ambassadors.

  9. baygrown215 says:

    James talking about 60psi, *COOPER GET THE SHOCK COLLAR*

  10. Dapper Genesis says:

    You should make a video of you dropping off all the food. Just tell them it’s a little bit of food and then bring all that stuff in ?

  11. The Paint Corrector says:

    Oh my God those headers are.outrageous!! ???

  12. Cool 200 says:

    Mtn dew white outs really good too but I love all the flavors of mtn dew

  13. Philip Shinner says:

    @ 26:35 The note said “also enclosed is a hood emblem from Dale Earnhardt’s Chevrolet”. It was not shown. I really hope they didn’t miss it!!!!

  14. Sickness says:

    Wow that’s awesome!I actually know the owner of savage jerky.hes a really cool guy that started that business from nothing and supported me in my own little business venture for a bit.i told him to contact you so keep an eye out for a message.i follow your personal Facebook page as well so if you see a request from john mcghee make sure to read it lol

  15. Moze was hot in Ned's Declassified says:

    Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce had me dying for a solid 47 seconds.

  16. Slav Rebuilds says:

    Hundreds of people are ready to send food to a rich youtuber but can’t feed the homeless with a $1 sandwich. what kind of world are we living in.

  17. fighting17chicago says:

    Shit tickets is my favorite phrase now…..

  18. Route66Jesse _ says:

    I think it’s time for Leroy to run 6’s ????

  19. Route66Jesse _ says:

    Adam lz is going to have to do a test on the cup holder

  20. Practical Schroeder says:

    We’ve seen Cletus and Cars, now we have Cletus and Diabetus.

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