Introducing Microsoft Surface Laptop

Introducing Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft Surface Laptop is performance made personal. Featuring the best of Windows and Office, all-day battery life, a stunning screen that responds to your touch, and a choice of four rich tone-on-tone colors, it delivers the perfect balance of portability and performance. Learn more:

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20 Responses

  1. Sofija Ilic says:

    You left me speechless again.

  2. Julian Pöltl says:

    Thats a better MacBook. I like that…

  3. YouTuber Analyst says:

    Surface = iPad
    Surface Book = MacBook Pro
    Surface Studio = IMac
    Surface Laptop = MacBook Air
    Surface Phone ?

  4. Rafael Costa says:

    what music?

  5. KAYMOUS says:

    This video is going to rekt the trending page ,

    like my comments so trend ppl see my comment xdddd

  6. Yannick Jongejan says:

    The brand new Macbook,
    by Microsoft.

  7. Xtianz says:

    Then: “The tablet that can replace a laptop”

    Now: The tablet is now a laptop.

  8. Prometheus says:

    This has more battery than any MacBook on the market and 40% faster than the MacBook air, with pen, touch and dial. This is $999

  9. Eddy H says:

    How will other Windows Laptop OEMs react to this? Did they feel betrayed because it is just laptop and doesn’t have any surprise innovations in it?

  10. Just Random Tech says:

    The full specs are here :
    Display : 13.5-inch Pixel Sense display
    10 point multi-touch
    Display Resolution : 2256 x 1504, at 201ppi
    Aspect Ratio : 3:2
    Software : Windows 10 S
    Processor : 7th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7
    Storage 128GB, 256GB, 512GB Solid State Drive (SSD)
    Memory 4GB, 8GB or 16GB RAM
    Graphics i5: Intel HD graphics 620, i7: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640
    Rear Camera : None
    Front Camera : 720p
    Windows Hello : face-authentication
    Speakers : Omnisonic Speakers with Dolby Audio Premium
    Ports : One full-size USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, Headset jack, Surface Connect
    Sensors : Ambient light sensor
    Security : TPM chip for enterprise security
    Battery Life : 14.5 hours of use
    Pen: Surface Pen
    Weight: 2.76 lbs
    Dimensions: 12.13 inches x 8.78 inches x 0.57 inches

  11. Kristian David says:

    Microsoft have the best advertisments.

  12. Savage Katt says:

    INDEED! You’re the one that I want!

    Came twice just watching this video… And I’m going to continue to watch it cause I can’t get enough…

  13. VvKichiroTanoshiivV says:

    1:13-1:15 touchbar parody??

  14. WeKanGame says:

    When Microsoft is more Classic Apple than Modern Apple. XD

  15. A-Max Medina says:

    Microsoft keeps releasing awesome devices which are mostly available in very limited markets, hence the reason for declining revenue. There are millions of people all over the world craving for your devices. Here in the UAE, only the Surface Pro 4 is available despite a lot of people looking for the Book and even the Studio. Please stop making devices for the US and other first world countries only.

  16. James L says:

    Microsoft is really starting to become the king of product designs

  17. Arcane says:

    You are the one that I want, but not the one I can afford.

  18. PictureFit says:

    Itching for that SP5 still Microsoft! Why you teasin’ me with the traditional stuff!

  19. Debangsu Sarkar says:

    Apple: We make the best laptop hardware in the market.. And..(Microsoft interrupts)
    Microsoft: HOLD MY BEER.
    *Surface Laptop*

  20. William Hayes says:

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