Introducing Moon Knight Featurette | Marvel Studio’ Moon Knight | Disney+

Introducing Moon Knight Featurette | Marvel Studio’ Moon Knight | Disney+

Join Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, and May Calamawy in a special look of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight, an Original series streaming March 30, only on Disney+.

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40 Responses

  1. JayShockblast says:

    Beyond excited for Moon Knight. Marvel has tried so many times to build him up and I think this is finally go to be what does it. Looks fantastic!

  2. GenerationWest says:

    Marc and Khonshu standing together under that light was such a cool shot.

  3. EternityInGaming says:

    Oscas Isaac is such a cool actor. Glad he got a cool Superhero to play

  4. Sonic2Metro says:

    I love how they are going for that psychological horror style. The MCU has really been changing things up and making their stuff more depthful and more indvidiaulist.

  5. Symphonia30 says:

    As someone who’s always been a fan of Moon Knight’s character, The hype train is rolling for this show, especially considering that Moon Knight has always been such a underrated marvel character.

  6. Anurag NFX says:

    This has been my most hyped Disney+ show since Comic Con 2019…….
    HOPEFULLY it doesn’t disappoint!❤️

  7. NormalYoutubeUser says:

    That opening shot of Mark turning into moon knight is so well cgi’d cant stop watching it, cant wait for this show!

    • soupy says:

      @Bloxidy marc (moon knight) suffers from a personality disorder called DID, its a coping mechanism caused by repeated trauma when young that causes his mind fracture into different alters, they share a body but have different personality’s and to a certain extent, different memories in the long term. These personalities are usually formed as a way to cope with trauma. so Steven grant is one of these alters of marc spector. so same body, different personalities. think of it like having different people sharing the same body

    • Mr. Punisher says:

      @Bloxidy he has this identity disorder, he switches identities often

    • Ajmal S says:

      @Bloxidy No they both are different personalities and there is atleast one more that is Jake.

    • Bloxidy says:

      Wait I’m so confused are mark and Steven the same person

  8. Dan B. says:

    I’m more stoked for this than anything that’s come out in a while. Looks amazing.

  9. Kush Garg says:

    I am confident that Oscar Issac will do a marvelous job with portraying Moon Knight in the MCU.

  10. David Emanuel Rosini says:

    I like how different this show looks compared to the other Disney+ shows, it looks like it has its own style and is doing things a bit differently, them talking about mental health will be neat if done right and I like his mummy looking costume a lot

    • Introverticies says:

      It’s interesting that it’s coming out after D+ started allowing rated R things

    • Vegeta Black says:

      Marvel has taught us never to take the trailers seriously. They’re god but dont represent what you see

    • poppy tan says:

      @NuggetGX it’s more than twitter but I’ve seen well over 20, which makes it more of an average rather than a assumption and please just read all of my comment. I went on to say I know not every marvel fan acts like this, but most who have only watched the films and shows do

    • NuggetGX says:

      @poppy tan please. Please just stop. Just because you found 20 marvel fan pages on twitter that looked weird, doesn’t mean everyone else is like that. People with the same mindset that you have rn are the people that ruined the Minecraft community, the fnaf community, etc. please just stop. I have seen this happen so many times before. Twitter is a special place. It doesn’t speak for anyone else.

    • poppy tan says:

      @NuggetGX he really isn’t. Read the full comment

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