Introducing New Nintendo 2DS XL

Introducing New Nintendo 2DS XL

On July 28, New Nintendo 2DS XL makes its debut in North America at a suggested retail price of $149.99.

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20 Responses

  1. Adamisadumbnerd123 says:

    I hope I am not the only to say…

    That this is pointless.

  2. Wicked Googly says:

    Who else doesn’t even use the 3D function

  3. Rednas says:

    It looks like an iPhone glued to a Wii U Gamepad. 10/10

  4. H1k1ko says:

    “New Ergonomic, Folding Design” Nintendo I love you, but c’mon now, at least put something more impressive for your first new feature.

  5. John Sun says:

    Bro I am going to be the first one to buy it

  6. POPTART NEKO says:

    *looks at my plain ol 3ds*
    sees this
    …i don’t need it.
    i don’t need…

  7. Tuna says:

    All these people hate this, but i think they forgot how many versions the gameboy line had.

  8. meleebros12 says:

    who else thought this was a joke :/

  9. Dark Fang says:

    nintendo just stop with the 2ds

  10. The It's No Use-inator says:

    am i the only one who thinks the top screen looks like a phone?

  11. Ricardo Tamez says:

    Tutorial for how to made your own new nintendo 2ds xl:

    -take a new nintendo 3ds
    -put it in 2d.

  12. Gila Monster says:

    Are u fcking kidding me why bring it out so late ? Like why not bring it out when the new 3ds came out?

  13. DarkSniper11Z says:

    When i saw this i thought it was a joke from a fan channel…. :/

  14. Unfair Unfairy says:

    I mean it looks nice, but for anyone with the New 3DS, it’s useless.

  15. MD Hollywood says:

    The New 2DS XL, because who in their right mind would trust their kid with a Switch.

  16. PeeJay says:

    “Sir should we produce more NES Classics?”
    “No, let’s make a new model of the 2DS.”
    “Excellent choice sir.”

  17. Just Miles says:

    Oh thank god, I just broke my 3DS.

  18. Omegis Gaming says:

    1:25 how to be social at a café 101

  19. Nathania Benita says:

    I guess it works as a cheaper 3DS XL alternative…?

  20. Tsunayoshi Sawada says:

    Sonic Battle 2 or Remake for 3DS/2DS

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