Introducing the Kylie Cosmetics Fall Lip Kits

Introducing the Kylie Cosmetics Fall Lip Kits

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods reveal the five new Kylie Cosmetics Fall Lip Kits: Autumn, Hazel, Butternut, Libra and Wicked. Launching October 6 on

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20 Responses

  1. Anna220 says:

    What does she say when she says “it literally is the colour of ……….”
    Could not hear that bit at all!
    Anyone know??

  2. Cayla says:

    I want to buy a few of these but don’t know how it would look bc I can’t pull off lipstick at all

  3. brighitt correa says:

    The definitely eat each other out from time to time.

  4. kailumslife says:

    Hello.. I want Kylie to become a youtuber.. it would take her a week to become the queen of YouTube.. literally

  5. LiterallyOliver says:

    okay, but is there a child in there!??

  6. Dhsjs Shsjsj says:

    so Kylie you pregnant or nah?

  7. Georgie Lol says:

    I’m here for this🙌🏻

  8. Kosi Egbuonu says: please please please go watch and enjoy!!!!!!!!

  9. Danna Lopez says:

    I do NOT care about Kylie Jenner…She is NOT beautiful.She is UGLY.She is just a plastic doll.
    Fake lips and fake ass etc….
    Actually YOU look much more beautiful than her….but the same…SHIT!

  10. Georgina Taylor says:

    Does she create colors that only look good on her? Coz I’m white as hell and none of them go good with my skin good enough

  11. MiyyahAbdul says:

    No shade but did they use some for of photo shop or beautifier on their camera because their skin is literally.flawlessss

  12. nat s says:

    how can I do Kylie’s eyeshadow look?

  13. Angela L says:

    Is Jordan smacked out? Or does she normally talk like she’s half asleep?

  14. Violet Thompson says:

    I love the new fall collection. You should add a green, just for fun. You inspire me so much and you are so pretty

  15. William Doyle says:

    gross, we all love DSL’s, but gross…

  16. Nell Fry says:

    I feel like both of them didn’t even like two of the shades…..

  17. Kylee Fosmark says:

    U should totally name one jordi k

  18. Kristy Cool says:

    I’ll use this video to fall asleep tonight. And I mean this in the most insulting way possible lol

  19. Kortni Foreman says:

    Is Kylie the new Manny Mua?

  20. Andrea Ortega says:

    Hazel is her friends perfect nude

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