Introducing the RB18 | Oracle Red Bull Racing Car Launch 2022

Introducing the RB18 | Oracle Red Bull Racing Car Launch 2022

Join us from the Oracle Red Bull Racing Technology Campus in Milton Keynes as reigning Formula 1 World Champion Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez and Christian Horner reveal our 2022 car to the world in a fan first experience. Introducing the lean, mean #RB18

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31 Responses

  1. Helme Ashaari says:

    First impression, from the standpoint of physical appearance, the car look massive. Eagerly looking forward to the test session to see how it perform.

    • Gabriel Flores says:

      @umungus jesus christ you must be a very nice guy to chat with at a party

    • Steve B says:

      massive? the car is way smaller…

      front wing looks much better

    • umungus says:

      @Nicolas Garcia oops looks like someone doesnt understand what a discussion is🤣🤣 really sad that instead of an intelligent response you instead want to act like I dont have a right to respond lmao you were wrong and I pointed out everything you got wrong. Thats my mistake, I thought you were a mature adult who could have a conversation. Turns out you’re an immature child🤣🤣🤣

    • Nicolas Garcia says:


      I didnt ask you any question…why are you replying?

    • Monger says:

      This is just a show car can’t wait for the real thing.

  2. The Game Dino says:

    Such a beauty!! Can’t wait for the season to start! Go Max and Checo! 🦁🇲🇽

  3. Miguel Dias says:

    I hope this new season will be epic, unsettling and as special as the previous one! And let Max do what he does best, drive and win!!

    • DonutHolestien says:

      @Alec Miller make more excuses

    • Andrés Legorreta says:

      @Alec Miller If you want to whine about Masi being unfair, why not also whine about Bottas’ bowling ball move that took out the 2 RBs and Norris. That seems more determining to a championship than a race restart

    • 4 Wheel Living says:

      @Alec Miller 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Mick Schilder says:

      @Alec Miller What happen on the last lap was within the rules and Mercedes knows it, else they would have appealed.

    • Mick Schilder says:

      @Alec Miller Oh sure, so when Hamilton left the track and gained an advantage thats nothing, but when max does the same thing, he has to give the place back, and if Hamilton bumbs him io just passing him when the place is given back its completely fair to give max a penalty of what was it? 10 secs? But when Hamilton pushes max of the track hospitalising the guy thats an inconsequential 5 secs. Sounds fair your right.

  4. Patrick Koller says:

    LOVE IT 🥰🤩🤩🤩
    So excited for the new 2022 Season!!!!

  5. Dani L Teixeira says:

    I feel this year can be a good chance for Checo to stand out!!! He has what it takes to be up there with Max!

  6. Luv Wrld says:

    looking good. Super max and Mexican minister of defence are gonna dominate 2022🙏🏽🦁🇳🇱🇲🇽

  7. Saman Khaledian says:

    I can’t wait for the first time this raging bull hits the track. 🤩

  8. Thomas Vleminckx says:

    If the events of Abu Dhabi had happened mid-season instead of on the final round, no one would be questioning the legitimacy of Max’ title. Both drivers pulled some shenanigans throughout the season (remember Silverstone…?) and it’s ridiculous to pretend Max “only won because of Abu Dhabi”.

  9. Jan Trusina says:

    Perez being the “Mexican minister of defence” is pure gold!

  10. DaniMacYo says:

    I like how it looks. Very clean and tightly packed.

    • Jοhnny says:

      @MikeHeu and FIA stated that the Red Bull and Mercedes failed to crash Test

    • MikeHeu says:

      I think it will change significantly before the testing days. This is simply the FIA model with a RB livery. We’ll see quite some more aerodynamic additions.

    • Nirus banyu says:

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      He’s the person I love, he’s my light
      day. The way the music flows and sounds
      is extravagant and fun. Anna is
      icon, legend, beautiful girl, princess, inspiration,
      a star. I could go on and on, understand this.
      I love NBA Anna.#垃圾

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