Introducing the Scuderia Ferrari SF-23 | 2023 #F1 Car Launch

Introducing the Scuderia Ferrari SF-23 | 2023 #F1 Car Launch

It’s that time of the year again! Join us as we unveil the SF-23 here in Maranello.

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23 Responses

  1. JK says:

    I’m not a tifosi in general, but wow, the passion is really contagious. Top class of a launch as well. Exciting and beautiful, nothing redundant at all. I smiled the whole time watching.

  2. Alex Fu says:

    Without a question of a doubt the best car launch to date and definitely a million times better than Red Bull’s. Not only did Ferrari show the actual car unlike Red Bull who only showed the last year’s car, they actually ran the car in Fiorano!! How cool is that!! I thought what was interesting was when they interviewed Fred Vasseur, the moment he opened his mouth, I almost forgot he was French and immediately he reminded me of Jean Todt. This could be the beginning of great things to come. Forza Ferrari!!

  3. Emanuele Mangione says:

    La più bella presentazione di sempre!
    Vedere la SF23 subito in azione è stata una grande emozione!
    Forza FERRARI!

    • Юрочкин says:

      Только почему то год от года машины у всех производителей медленнее и звук хуже. Объем двигателя снизили очень сильно

  4. Mike Ykt says:

    это было прекрасно. как итальянцы поют свой гимн. это восхищает. болею за сборную Италию по футболу с 1998 года. и за Феррари 1999 года.

  5. Ryan Hildreth says:

    The SF23 looks beautiful 😍 sounds amazing as well

  6. P//MBECH says:

    What an amazing presentation, so much passion. Most beautiful car. Love the livery, the Shell logo and Ferrari on the rear wing. 👌

  7. Michael says:

    Best car launch so far, I thought they were just going to give us the pictures, then they bring the car out on track! Amazing!

  8. Tracy Geller says:

    My face hurts after smiling for almost an hour 😄 Well done Ferrari, and this season will be good 👍

  9. X99Zero says:

    Unexpected discovery, Zoran.Would love to see more of this character in F1.

  10. Micha Schopman says:

    Now, THAT, is how you do a launch. So much passion, awesome!

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