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19 Responses

  1. Roy Frosty says:

    First things first, NO GLOSSY PLASTIC, why are companies still sticking
    with those finger print magnets

  2. imtehshit says:


  3. Marco Rojas says:

    It looks amazing!

  4. Gapil says:

    volvo pls

  5. Hanys Marek says:

    Is that controller gonna work in fifa?

  6. Will H says:

    Twin force nuclear reactors in a controller?
    Hello #pcmasterrace

  7. Taki Plays says:

    Steam Controller = Laptop Trackpad

    Long live Mouse and Keyboard

  8. Tiberius Hrafn-Úlfur says:

    But does the D-Pad actually work for fighting games?

  9. Omar Melendez Lopez says:

    Hype-licious!! :3

  10. pimpinnevaslipin says:

    *ok yea. . but i’ll still take mouse and keyboard over a controller for my
    FPS games. . . I guess you can call me “old school” or whatever*

    But i don’t knock Valve trying to bridge the communities of the gaming
    world together

  11. m4ssee says:

    Meh, I’ll stick with good old keyboard and mouse.

  12. Komnenos says:

    I’m honestly really sick of waiting for episode three.

  13. David Olivares says:

    lol only one analog stick wtf

  14. Чёртов Псих (Rilly) says:


  15. TheColaMan18 says:

    future! FUUUTURE!

  16. Dubstep From God says:

    I really like keyboard and mouse though. It’s what I grew up with.

  17. Rahat A says:

    what couch co-op game are they playing in that vid?

  18. Shoop DaWhoop says:

    step up your competive game with the steam controller xDDD hahahahA this
    video is so full of shit

  19. Felipe Nachmanowicz says:

    Wow. Goodbye social life!!!!!!
    But, then again…. what social life?