Invincible – Season 2 Teaser | Prime Video

Invincible – Season 2 Teaser | Prime Video

Welcome to Burger Mart! Enjoy a hot meal along with an update on Season 2 of INVINCIBLE. Featuring Steven Yeun as the voice of Invincible and Seth Rogen as the voice of Allen The Alien.


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Invincible – Season 2 Teaser | Prime Video

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26 Responses

  1. Raj Korpe says:

    Allen is literally the Invincible fanbase. We love to see it

  2. A Black Man says:

    Glad to see they can poke fun at themselves and the fans. I can only imagine how much pressure they feel so it’s great to see they’re being light hearted about it. Either way take your time!

  3. ok ok says:

    Wow, I can’t believe Mark did all the writing, designing, story boarding, animation and all the voice acting for all of the characters. What a hard working dude.

  4. Persuayshun says:

    You can really tell Amazon started pumping money into this fantastic show after the wide acclaim of the first season! You love to see it!

    • HQ 360 says:

      @Blast Hardcheese Animation is CHOPPY in this teaser trailer. I don’t know what your on but you clearly don’t know anything about animation. The animation was soo smooth here.

    • Cristóbal Alarcón says:

      @ok ok Looks like it has more visual effects too, I’m not sure if I like that tbh. Normally effects could mean two things: to compensate other lacking areas or they did indeed got more budget. It usually is the first one.

    • Cristóbal Alarcón says:

      @SPC v4 Don’t count on that, never assume what you can expect in the final release from series, movies and games.

    • Ed209 says:

      Literally from the first second the animation and coloring look crazy

    • Yarugenjjo says:

      @I’m Awkward Puppet animation style?

  5. Ling says:

    I love the little detail at 0:25 where Allen tears a napkin on the first try, but leaves it for a new piece. We’ve all been there at some point!

  6. Cookie Ruiz says:

    My son and I can’t wait for this to come back. Season 1 was outstanding. Steven Yeun is one of the best actors to portray a teen in any type of Media. Just the way he speaks to his mom and his friends feels very real.

    • Luke Lizalde says:

      @Cake is the best in the world they censor all the blood and gore in those movies. People die but it is all toned down, no blood splats like Invincible.

    • Luke Lizalde says:

      @PedrovskXD thank you for the input sir. Gotta love your Dad for doing something nice. I am glad to hear it all worked out.

    • Luke Lizalde says:

      @The Rizzler you are definitely right about the gore and profanity. Right now I am thinking I will wait until he is a teenager and then let him view it. Hopefully there are 5 seasons when he gets to watch it.

    • Luke Lizalde says:

      @Galf506 You are probably right about him watching it before then. If he waits until he is 16 he will probably be able to watch the entire series from beginning to end.

    • Luke Lizalde says:

      @Kahin Ahmed thank you for the response, you make a lot of valid points. Something to look forward to in 6 years, by then he will get to watch it from beginning to end unless they extend it for 10 seasons.

  7. Joshua Mohlman says:

    Love how quickly Allen went from saying he found Urath to saying he never found it

  8. Misterz says:

    This is actually a perfect teaser. Jokes are on point and it’s self-aware of what we actually want lol.

  9. Bionicokura says:

    I liked how they addressed how different planets calculate and have different ways of tracking time and the concept of time also is kind of different, a nice touch there

  10. Zorbs says:

    Who else is hyped for S2 & S3?

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