iOS 13 Changes Everything! 25 Confirmed Features!

iOS 13 Changes Everything! 25 Confirmed Features!

iOS 13 is an absolute game changer! Dark mode, home screen redesign, new animations, faster, sleep mode & SO much more!

Also my first iPhone case! The Phone Rebel bullet series. What do you guys think?

Thank you Mark Gurman! Source below.

Max Weinbach, Jailbreak source.

Why Jailbreak iOS 12!

Where to Jailbreak iOS 12.

Apple find concept.

Wallpaper used.

Jailbreak stuff.

Theme used: Bohemic

Tweak for volumeHUD: Ultrasound
Tweak for LS custom icons: Jumper

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75 Responses

  1. EverythingApplePro says:

    Thank you so much for all the support guys, I can’t thank you enough for bringing me here. I am actually releasing a REAL physical product with a submitted patent for the design, I can’t believe it! Will be sharing more these coming weeks <3

  2. Mads-Emil Brønnum says:

    i think the magnet in the case will destroy the chip in your credit card if you have the card under your case

    • George Barnes says:

      Mads-Emil Brønnum don’t put it under your case then. Wallets are a thing for a reason…

  3. MichaelKB95 says:

    iOS could be perfect, but it needs a lot of rewriting of items. Also maybe take things from Android.

    Darkmode is a must, it hurts my eyes…

  4. sparedCUPiD says:

    What’s that case u have ?

    Ah ok nvr mind can’t wait for it to come out

  5. Rossbold ? says:

    iOS 13 please give us Gestures instead of ASSISTIVE TUCH

    • Faiz Arshad says:

      I hope next gen iPhone has a edge display and that edge will be function that replaces assistive touch.

  6. Amar says:

    Apple Maps will also be adding street view. I know this as I have seen multiple apple maps cars with 360 cameras driving past my town in the UK! ??Just last week!

  7. BlackSkinnyDude says:

    Please add portrait mode for items and not just humans on iPhone XR

  8. sedrakpc says:

    The most dangerous sound for me is the AirPods low battery sound, it gives me a heart attack every time it’s happens.

  9. J Johnson says:

    In bet that when the Apple event comes, there will be a video that will say “this event was underwhelming”. I wonder why…

  10. Red Yoshi says:

    If Apple doesn’t want jailbreakes they should just give the features that people want. Logic If You Ask Me


    Everyday Apple Pro Do A Drop Test On Your Case

  12. Beerus says:

    Makes Jailbreak harder
    *Adds unlock bootlader in the developer options*

    • ArmyKim says:

      +DP91 okay maybe a little too far? Apple has decent features. I use both ios and android and I can say they are both good in their own ways. I personally prefer my Samsung phone to my iPad and other iPhone, but that doesn’t mean to say apple sucks. They wouldn’t be this big if they didnt release good content. Samsung is the one who actually copies apple, apple release a phone, month later Samsung will. Apple release the airpods few months later Samsung do too. Samsung copy apple and add their own tweaks, same with apple copy Samsung and add their own tweaks. Thats Called rivalry, both are equally as good.

    • NB216 says:

      +Balla Zoltán imagine talking shit about a 4 year old phone when the iphone 11 wont even have 5g lmfaooo

    • Luv, Idara says:

      +ArmyKim actually idt samsung copies apple anymore tbh. Not since 2016 or sum like that.

    • ArmyKim says:

      +Luv, Idara eh either way. It’s called rivalry. At the end of the day a phone is a phone, so long as it rings, can store music, games, documents, sends texts and can connect to wifi I dont really see the point in these fancy high tech cameras and ultra slim models, it’s all just to get people to buy it then when the next phone comes out they buy that after. And apple actually slow down their old phones when they are about to release a new one so people will buy the new one. They’ve confirmed it themselves that they do slow down their older phones. That’s something Samsung do not do.

    • Al'vin Al'sace says:

      +Bulleteng swear to God i own a Huawei and i hate it so much. Never knew they restricted unlocking bootloader till it was too late

  13. Zurmah says:

    my opinion: apple NEEDS the jailbreak community. They take ideas from the JB scene all the time.

  14. EvanWolf says:

    Did I just see your throw a JUUL into a shot for aesthetic reasons? ? 4:44

  15. ErionPTheAwesomeAnimateGuy 2019 says:

    iOS 13: We are getting a complete redesign
    iOS 6:

    • Shashi Prabhu says:

      ErionPTheAwesomeAnimateGuy 2019 I really want to see a redesign, we’ve had the same look since iOS 7

  16. ツJ dubstepking181 says:

    I got kittens to! They are both girls named Smokey and Shadow!

    I’m excited for IOS13!

  17. Joe says:

    The update to the message app doesn’t matter to I never open it because I have no friends to text ?

  18. Rohan N says:

    I just wish they get rid of that obnoxiously huge volume indicator that covers all of the screen

  19. YaBoiKoala says:

    #13 Trending // iOS 13 what a coincidence!

  20. T Briggz says:

    I’ll gladly support your case, but will the magnet interfere with apple pay?

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