iOS 16 Hands-On: Top 5 New Features!

iOS 16 Hands-On: Top 5 New Features!

iOS 16, coming to an iPhone (8 or later) near you

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31 Responses

  1. t o a d says:

    Nothing beats the amazing intros that the team makes in these videos

  2. EnNombreDeLaCiencia ! says:

    I use spotlight so much that I have it to show up when you double tap the back of the iPhone. It’s great and simple. Triple tap is flashlight for me

  3. Alex Miller says:

    Love the idea of the desk view camera and the possibility of playing tabletop games over FaceTime. Super cool feature.

  4. Deon Soto says:

    I absolutely fancy the transitional effects on the first 20 seconds of this video. It just keeps getting better and better, splendid editing work right there.🔥

  5. Craftty Angelo says:

    That’s one of the few things I miss about android, I remember getting my galaxy s7 and spending hours customizing to my liking. Glad to see apple following in the footsteps of android but in their own way.

    • Elvan Gulley says:

      Lol apple stole from android then claims its new again you sheep will buy anything

    • Dave Lovo says:

      @Excess let them be, remember how excited you were to get these features, what 12 years ago?
      Well I guess those memories have faded haven’t they…

    • Agent K says:

      @Excess ahh a superior android user thinking he is superior just because he chose android over iphone a common breed that thinks it’s rare MOVING ON

    • Excess says:

      I love how Apple people always rationalize their inferior products. It’s like cognitive dissonance.

  6. ChatVender Technology says:

    ios 16 is amazing and cool, the background removal is sick

  7. Unknown says:

    During recent years, Apples openness towards customisation and great software development has really got me questioning why I stick with Android! I really do hope this drives up competition!

  8. Mr. Everything says:

    This is the first time ever that I wish android had a feature iOS does. That lockscreen customization is actually incredibly amazing. Almost a big enough deal to me to get me to switch to iPhone. Almost…..

    • Adeel Shahid says:

      @Young Dab that’s two words bozo

    • Different says:

      it has existed for years on android, like 6-8 years now… it’s called using a different launcher (one with customization) and using it on your lockscreen, I use Nova and I think it can do all this except background cutout.

      Kustom has a lockscreen program that let’s you do fully fledged programs, interactable wallpapers, animated photos, widgets and any compilation of the above.. you name it, you can get pre-made ones from people or male your own if you are tech savvy enough.

    • Young Dab says:

      One word… “lightning port”

  9. Shubham Gupta says:

    Tbh I’ve always been a fan of Apple’s R&D because now I feel that Apple has been listening to our concerns like customisation, widgets etc. I’m really amazed by how much competitive smartphone brands have become and how Apple has been a complete standout for every other device. Apart from everything else IOS 16 made me wanting to try their ecosystem.

    • codars says:

      @Alex S iPhone users have been easily using custom ringtones on their phones for at least 13 years. If you don’t know how to do it at this point, I’m not sure how to help you.

    • hehe says:

      @Alex S there are tutorials for how to get custom notifications and ringtones !! And no jailbreak ^-^

    • Alex S says:

      They do and they don’t. We still haven’t had access to custom notifications and ringtones. Only the limited ones on the iTunes Store. Plus navigating or using the file system has been a pain compared to androids availability on this since mid 2000s.

  10. henry ha says:

    For IOS 17 I really hope they make it easier to move around apps and add the ability to put apps anywhere on the screen instead of automatically putting them next to the last app. I also hope they add split screen.

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