iOS 16 – My Top Features for iPhone Users!

iOS 16 – My Top Features for iPhone Users!

My Top Features of iOS 16!

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0:00 Introduction
0:17 Lockscreen Customization
0:36 Wallpaper Menu
1:42 FaceID Landscape
1:54 Music Player
2:33 Focus
3:27 Spotlight
3:50 Messages
4:35 FaceTime
4:53 Live Text
5:16 Visual Lookup
6:00 Mail
6:24 Safari
7:05 Battery Percentage
7:30 Find My
7:55 Screenshots
8:26 9to5Mac’s Take


– Final Cut Pro Plugins by MotionVFX:
– Music by Soundstripe:
– Captions by Rev:

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34 Responses

  1. Random Bogey says:

    7:47 That seems like such a weird tweak to make. The sonar sound, at least in my mind, is synonymous with a lost device/ Find My app and really fit the theme of the app, especially given the icon…

    • Randy B says:

      I could have been changed because it now has a more broad frequency range, older people and individuals with high frequency hearing loss may have had a hard time hearing it. The reason they initially chose a high frequency chime was likely due to high frequency sound being perceived more directionally so its easier to tell the exact location the sound is coming from.

    • Amyyyyy says:

      My cats freaked out at the old one… now they freak out even more, oops…

  2. Jav C says:

    I really like how the music player looks now. Seeing the album art in full screen mode is a great look. Apple did a great job with iOS 16 🤘🏼

  3. TaeBE BE says:

    I expected more with the lockscreen honestly, a little bit disseapointed but happy with the new features non to less!

  4. Allen says:

    So far I like iOS 16 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻i hope the next update they will include more widgets for the main screen.

    • TaeBE BE says:

      Yeah a little bit disseapointed bcz I expexted a lot more of it and you can add more widgets basically you have three squares in the lockscreen you can change…

    • Jav C says:

      I don’t see any widgets for sports scores or earbuds, AirPods, Beats. Does anybody see those or know how to locate them in the new iOS 16 update?

  5. Jay White says:

    I’m looking forward to having always on display with the iPhone 14 pro max

    • Steve says:

      @A Puerto Rican Not only does it turn off when it’s in your pocket, but if you have an Apple Watch, it actually turns off when you leave the room the phone is in. “Always on” done right.

    • Tee Jay says:

      @A Puerto Rican jokes on you. The iPhone’s “always on display” turns off when the phone is in the pocket or when the phone is facing down.

    • Noah Durbin says:

      It knows when it’s in your pocket or face down and can power off the display

    • Uwe Könnigsstaddt says:

      @A Puerto Rican ditto. I don’t care how litttle battery power is used while having the display on…..still uses the battery. I’d hope Apple gives the option of turning off that option. Rant off

  6. Jay White says:

    I’ve updated to iOS 16 of my iPhone it’s absolutely amazing my favourite beaches are the haptic keyboard customers will lock screen and Battery percentage and so much more

  7. Bladerr says:

    It looking good so far and I will download this update on my phone not sure about other updates for iPad os and watch os, need to see some reviews

  8. Jeff Rose says:

    This just may be me, but the audio on AirPods Pro sounds a whole lot better on iOS 16.

  9. Jerome Charles says:

    Thank you for this! Informative and concise!!

  10. Random Bogey says:

    I’ve been experiencing a lot of “keyboard disappearing” bugs, particularly in iMessage

    • Random Bogey says:

      @Ghost yeah, I feel like every 10-15 messages or so something goes wonky and I have to close and reopen it. I just had a weird bug in iMessage where the entire keyboard flipped upside down on the top of my screen. Everything else was normal, but there was a blank spot where the keyboard is supposed to be at the bottom and the keyboard was upside down overlaying the messages on top…

    • Ghost says:

      Me too. iMessage freezes for me sometimes and I have to open and close it like 5 times for it to work again

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