iOS 6 vs iOS 9 – Is Planned Obsolescence a Myth?

iOS 6 vs iOS 9 – Is Planned Obsolescence a Myth?

Classic iOS 6 vs 9 on iPhone 5 Speed Test. Just How True is Planned Obsolescence? iOS 6.0.1 vs 9.2.1 Vintage Comparison.

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20 Responses

  1. Andy Belinsky says:

    Suggestion for future videos: set both phones on a stable surface and use
    your index fingers instead of thumbs to press buttons. Doing so will
    minimize shaking/focusing problems. The video’s info and clarity was good,
    so providing a stable focus should really help on future posts.

  2. Shaker Chabarekh says:

    this kind of videos are very important to, in some way, apply pressure on
    OEMs to stop doing this, I do believe in planned obsolescence, I used an
    iPad 3 (not the best performing iPad) running 7.1.2 perform a lot smoother
    than my iPad 4 running the latest firmware, I was so pissed off because iOS
    9 barely brought any features to my iPad, all the multitasking stuff
    weren’t compatible, I should’ve never updated

  3. TriffleModz says:

    can i plz get 1,000 likes

  4. TJ says:

    I cringed when I saw the iOS 6 lock screen?

  5. Reggie Christian says:

    We miss you, Scott Forstall.

  6. shotsfired404 says:

    one morning were gonna wake up and see a notification that says “how to
    jailbreak iOS 9.2 2016″

  7. Crybaby Cyn says:

    Your voice is so soothing wtf

  8. MashLegend says:

    Apple exposed in this video…

  9. Jermaine Sanders says:

    It’s because it has old software therefore it’s faster… also you can’t
    get half the apps on app store as most require iOS 7. I was stuck with iOS
    6 for a while and I’m happy I upgraded, this is a stupid video.

  10. xKenti says:

    I’m more curious how IOS 9 would fair with a iPhone 6 vs a iPhone 5 with
    IOS 6. Better hardware allows for better software. Of course it’s slower on
    the older phone.

  11. starrychloe says:

    My phone is so slow now. It even stutters when swipping between home
    screens. Fuck Apple. I switched to Apple because my Android kept locking
    up. Now Apple pulls this shit. Which phone am I going to switch to now?
    Windows Phone? Nope. What’s left?

  12. cog says:

    No shit sherlock, of course they plan thee fuckers to be slow as shit. Also
    why of you think they make those updates 2 gigabytes it’s becuse they want
    you to upgrade and buy a new one with more storage wich to begin with is
    over priced based on the amount of extra storage space

  13. David Dacus says:

    The design is sleeker sorry…I don’t want that old

  14. Jawz66 says:

    Lol 69 ik ik I’m mature

  15. YUNG LVRD says:

    I want the new emojis tho to mac with bitches

  16. Prospering tF says:

    This because older phones work on older hardware simple as that

  17. Alex W says:

    #1stworldproblem guys my iPhone takes half a second more to load a app my
    life sucks.

  18. MelloKaos says:

    Is it possible to downgrade the software?

  19. MinecraftManSupreme says:

    Wait, the iPhone 5 is now considered old? Damn.

  20. SosaGamer says:

    This is why I never update my phone. Tell all my friends the same when they
    show me new features. Companies make your phones slow thru update making
    you upgrade. Worst is if your phone breaks they give u a updated one.