Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts found dead, sources say

Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts found dead, sources say

The search for 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts, who disappeared nearly five weeks ago, apparently has led to her body. The University of Iowa student was last seen alive on July 18, leading to a massive search. Sources tell CBS News Tibbetts has been found dead, but very few details are available at this time. Adriana Diaz reports.

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82 Responses

  1. Vanessa Rodriguez says:

    So sad πŸ™

  2. Michael Lupo says:

    #JusticeForTibbetts! We want answers, and we want them now!!!

  3. Marilyn Mclean says:

    They used her Fitbit to get her location because it has GPS on it, good to know! I am going to buy one. There was a famous Fitbit defense down in Arizona, he tried to say it wasn’t him…he was found guilty.

  4. Vongai Muswinu says:

    God rest her beautiful soul!!!

    • Wisconsin Living says:

      +Cold Glass Of Milk Another christian nutjob dismissing facts and reality for fairytales. You’re all powerful, all knowing, perfect invisible man in the clouds is either not all powerful, complicit, or doesn’t exist. Which one is it?

    • lordjenn A says:

      +shortyshark1 true

    • Anomandaris says:

      +Cold Glass Of Milk “This girl probably wasn’t Christian” What brings you to that wild assumption? The fact that she was murdered? Wouldn’t it make more sense to assume that she was a Christian, considering that Christiany is the dominant religion in the USA? Are you implying that people who aren’t Christian are more deserving of death than those that are? Cruel and offensive, but a very unsurprising sentiment. After all, it’s well known among critical thinkers that arrogance and stupidity are the primary characteristics of Christians.

      “Even if she was, God cannot save everyone from death.” And why is that? Isn’t your *benevolent* God supposed to be *omnipotent?* Why is this all-powerful being unable to end human suffering and save lives, especially those of his followers? Is it perhaps that he simply does not exist? Wouldn’t that be a far more plausible conclusion, considering the fact that there is no evidence of his existence in the first place?

      “That’s all you have to say to them, nothing further” Well..sure! If you’d like to come across as a brainwashed idiot that’s devoid of rational thought, that is. Why spend time intelligently arguing a point when you can make baseless claims and ignorant assumptions while simply pretending that you know what you’re talking about? You’re grasping at straws, futilely making excuses for this non-existent God character. The facts are if this supreme being really existed, there’s no reason why he couldn’t have saved this young woman being murdered, when, as you imply, he has saved others before.

  5. dlouvin says:

    ATTENTION: There will be a press conference at 6pm!!!!!!!

  6. Joni I luv my fam says:

    Oh no. My heart hurts for her family, friends, hometown and loved ones. This is so sad. I’m so sorry Mollie that you had to go through all of this. β™‘

    • Lord of Light says:

      +NATIVE latinos fucktrump I wish you were a troll, but I don’t think that’s the case. You are how the left acts like now. You say we’re racist and sexist when in reality, the left is the most racist and sexist of all.

    • NATIVE latinos fucktrump says:

      Lord of Light lol the left does not call neo-nazis fine people the left does not use taxpayer money in order to pay sexual harassment lawsuit like Republicans do Democrats do not endorse pedophiles like Ray Moore

    • Donald L. says:

      +NATIVE latinos fucktrump don’t kid yourself. You people don’t care about your own in bean land.

  7. dlouvin says:

    God dammit….i was praying for a safe return……I am devastated….beyond sad…and disappointed in the outcome. Oh Molly….i am so sorry….prayers to everyone involved. Heartbreaking.

  8. Michael E says:

    Sad..There’s so many monsters out there disguised as people. Have to be careful where ever u may be.

    • Tristan says:

      This monster could have been kept out of our country if we actually enforced our laws. He was an illegal immigrant.

    • Game Bred Duramax says:

      Michael E it was an illegal alien that raped and murdered Molly, this fake news don’t want to admit the bigger problem with this story

  9. Ava Ballard says:

    This is so sad I was hoping that she would have a save return it’s very scary too because I live in Iowa as well

  10. Crazy kindly unicorn says:

    Oh nooo 😨😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😰😰😰😰😰😰😨😨😭😭😭😭😭

  11. Rachel 61 says:

    So sad, my thoughts and prayers going out to her family.

  12. Daniel Cimino says:

    They walk among us people so please be careful.

  13. APPLE & HAPPY x-files says:

    Poor family… how devastating for everyone who followed this πŸ˜”πŸ™πŸ»R.I.P. Mollie

  14. priveyful says:

    I always wonder what makes one missing person case more news worthy than another. There are so many missing women in this country but some stories get catapulted into everyone’s lives and hearts where as so many others do not. If only all the missing got the same attention perhaps some would even be found before it’s too late.

  15. Laced WithLacey says:

    Crying! My heart aches:( I cant imagine! God bless this family.

  16. Linda Taghon says:

    FIND the murderer! Give him DEATH!!!!Β  95% of the time after 24 hours in cases like this, if not found, the victims are usually dead the first few hours after they are taken.Β  The murderer doesn’t want to stick around, they want to do their evil deed and get out of there.Β  After a few days of her missing, I had a very strong feeling she would be found dead.Β  I KNOW she was a believer in the LORD and I KNOW the second she died, the Angels was on the way to heaven with her soul to be with the LORD forever, sheΒ at that second has never known such happiness and joy as she does right now.Β  Her family will see her again in eternity!Β  Mollie “IS” at peace!

  17. Blood Brothers says:

    I live there. I feel horrible for her and her family. I don’t think ima walk around alone anymore…

  18. Joe Yo says:

    Love how rich white girl missing is headline news… American hypocrisy oh let me count the ways

    • Redstone68 01 says:

      Areas that have gang activity will have murders every damn month but when you have an entire state looking for 1 person its gonna get news coverage

    • cow.4 says:

      Right like not to be rude but people die and go missing everyday. It’s weird how this made national headlines… I guess you have to be a rich white female lol

    • JoeyWETbaCK Mtz87 says:

      +Elias Contreras you had me till the end… Smh BET IF IT WAS YOUR SISTER OR DAUGHTER YOU’D HAVE A DIFFERENT MIND SET… so stfu

    • Justin Y. says:

      Even when a girl is killed you guys bring politics into the game

  19. Michelle Cox Photography says:

    This is devastatingly sad. Prayers to the family.

  20. triplesix says:

    thinking of what that poor girl had to go through… it sickens me.
    times like these really make me reconsider the death penalty.

    • option 2000 says:

      triplesix death penalty doesnt solve anything….the point is not vanquish the enemy but to win the enemy…..
      This idea that all problems can be solved with a bullet to head is just idk dum.
      It be like throwing a math test a away because its too hard instead of trying to solve it and win.

    • Jenna Hampton says:

      option 2000 what is it really supposed to solve at this point? If that were my daughter, cousin, sister, etc I’d be happy to attend this sick mf execution and watch him die on the table. I hope her family receives justice!!!

    • option 2000 says:

      Jenna Hampton. Are you asking about the girls death or the criminal? Yes of course not much can be done for someone that gets killed. But if you mean the criminal, it just takes away their chance to repent and choose a better life
      Most people get uncomfortable at that idea because it seems unfair to them. But what we really need is not fairness but mercy, grace, forgiveness …what i said was that penalty doesnt solve the problem it only eliminates the problem( the criminal) See what i have seen is that because one is “angry”their motivation to punish a criminal is revenge and not so much as justice. It in our nature to feel as such “specially when we are angry”
      With that in mind we think that eliminating the criminal with a penalty of death it solves the problem but it realy only eliminates it(it gets rid of it) why bother with it when we can simply get rid of it…. Imagine if we all did that…..why bother saving a relationship when i can just simply call it quits or save a marraige when i can simply get a divorce….why bother making peace with my best friend when i can just choose to move on. Why bother anything when if we can just simply decide not to deal with it.

    • Anthony Ramirez says:

      option 2000 people don’t get murdered from a math test lol

    • Donald L. says:

      She hated white people and got killed by an illegal immigrant. From her Twitter

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