iPhone 11 & 11 Pro Released! Everything You Need To Know

iPhone 11 & 11 Pro Released! Everything You Need To Know

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max & Apple Watch Series 5 are Official! New Colors, Specs, Features, Camera, Battery & A13 Processor!

iPhone 11 vs 11 Pro comparison: https://youtu.be/4Ey8NoK-bWA

iPhone 11 Pro Clone Unboxing: https://youtu.be/-DsjP4f8rg4

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76 Responses

  1. EverythingApplePro says:

    iPhone 11 vs 11 Pro comparison uploaded! https://youtu.be/4Ey8NoK-bWA

  2. Yad .A says:

    They care about recycling so much they recycled the whole iphone design wow

    • Herr Jemeneh says:

      Well, if it kinda looks the same every year, everyone knows at first glance, thats an iPhone. And then there are like 500 android phones which you have to really look at to know what the heck that is.

    • Ichocolatedrop says:

      @Herr Jemeneh ??‍♀️! Not necessarily! Be honest we know what a cheap Android look like compared to a Galaxy series phone. I had a phone addiction so I went back and forth between apple and Samsung and I know how to work both and I know what’s good and bad about both! It’s really up to what you like ! I have Galaxy Note 9 and I’m comfortable. Apple just haven’t impressed me lately. Hopefully in the future and I might switch back

    • Yad .A says:

      @Herr Jemeneh im pretty sure Samsung galaxy phones are quite recognizable

    • KWF9 says:

      @Yad .A Samsung’s known for the edge display, however Huawei are trying to steal features so that’s also their “thing” now.

    • BeActive Behappy says:

      And you my friend have recycled my comment!!

  3. Sarath Pillai says:

    Only thing i like about the launch is the new price point

  4. Sanju Nyk says:

    I’m keeping my XS Max, the upgrade to 11 Pro doesn’t seems revolutionary at all.
    Disappointed with Apple this year.

  5. Mandeep to Help says:

    In Apple event no talk on Memory, iOS 13, air pods, siri

  6. Project JoJo says:

    So ummmm by 2030 the whole phone will be covered in cameras.

  7. OBG Jay says:

    Getting 64gb for a flagship when even entry-midrangers get 128gb as an option.
    Good job Apple forcing people to opt for the more expensive 256gb, scummy but its a business.

    • MrSwassDuck says:

      @mr559 and screen 720p loool

    • Inpherior says:

      Have the note 10+ and the stock storage is around 250gb

    • Jason Kendall says:

      Dude… what are you guys crying about. I have an iPhone X with 256GB capacity with 227.5GB available. I’m running iOS13 and shoot HD video and take photos all the time. I save docs and have at least 20-30 apps running on my phone. I’m a software dev and leverage my phone. 64GB is MUCH more than the average user needs. With the software compression and more efficient technologies, a GB of data isn’t as cumbersome as it used to be.

    • James says:

      @Jason Kendall I have 128gb S10+ and put a 128gb SD card in it, I have used over half with just videos and photos. Apple has no excuse for no expandable storage.

    • Jason Kendall says:

      @James Ahh I see, you’re an Android user. I’d have to shoot photos and video all day long to fill 128GB. Currently I shoot a few photos daily and maybe 4-5 videos a week. I’ve had my X for over two years and I’m only using up around 30GB of data. I’ll say it again… 64GB is way more than the AVERAGE user needs, ESPECIALLY if they’re getting an iphone for 3-400$ less than previous gen.

  8. Imad Abselem says:

    So an extra $300 for an extra lens on the 11 pro??

    • LPL BTD says:

      @Amazingcars_gaming so what even I’m doing the same thing

    • LPL BTD says:

      @Amazingcars_gaming I’m doing it cause u a isheep and YouTube won’t do anything if 1 person report

    • Amazingcars_gaming says:

      @LPL BTD First, I use Android. Second, can’t we see the bigger picture? Can’t we think with an open mind? Why do people hate apple so much I don’t get it. It’s not like all android phones are better than iPhone. BTW, no offence but I think you should go take English classes from google.

    • Amazingcars_gaming says:

      @LPL BTD is there something wrong with buying apple products? They are not bad, just overpriced. However, it’s wrong to make fun of apple buyers. They like apple because they do.

    • Eric Litho says:

      @Amazingcars_gaming compare ipad 2020 with the earlier ipad pro and then see.I would go for xs max instead of 11 or 11pro max.The only thing best in apple is bionic chip otherwise in display and camera some androids are beast.And lol they just brought always on display now and call it an innovation.

  9. HAHAHAY says:

    ME: Watching this using iphone 6s

  10. 26humor26 says:

    Tim Cook must be cooked! He needs to go!

  11. Wael D. says:

    When i was watching live i laughed so hard when the guy started saying “Pro” everytime he says a word?

  12. Kaya Girgin says:

    One of the many reasons I’m not getting this phone is the deign. Like seriously 3 cameras. I would be embarrassed to go out in public when u really should want to show it off

  13. Geulerich says:

    I’m waiting for the iphone 12. Maybe it will have no notch…

  14. Deano says:

    Yup, I’ll just keep rocking my 6 Plus for the FIFTH year!

  15. Spidey Rocks says:

    RIP Phillip, you sound sad bro as am I ?

  16. Altrai Govender says:

    Still amazing how the apple stand costs more than the iPhone 11 ?

  17. Jorba says:

    Everyone: 12mp again?


  18. Earthy x says:

    I don’t feel any energy from any of these reviews.
    None of you guys seem enthusiastic, lol
    Makes me even more uninterested.

  19. Imran Shahud says:

    Before :your phone has camera.
    In 2019:your camera has phone.

  20. M. Luxor says:

    2019 Camera said “ ???”

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