iPhone 11 Pro review: the BEST camera on a phone

iPhone 11 Pro review: the BEST camera on a phone

Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max have the best cameras on a phone; a huge improvement in battery life; bright, beautiful displays; and they come in midnight green. These are some of the most well-balanced, most capable phones Apple — or anyone — has ever made. But starting at $999, they’ll cost you. Here’s the review of our midnight green unit.

Check out the full review here: http://bit.ly/2miGPpX
How to preorder: http://bit.ly/2kFfpub
How to choose which phone to buy: http://bit.ly/2klgQO2
The 3 best and worst features: http://bit.ly/2lXyGr2

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69 Responses

  1. The Verge says:

    Would you spend more for a better phone camera?

  2. STAR LORD says:

    You think “iPhone 11 Pro Max” is a bad name?
    Just wait for “iPhone 11s Pro Max Ultra”.

  3. Senaan Adikaram says:

    Hands down, the best video editing I have ever seen. Damn that intro?

  4. Mauro Del Core says:

    I wait for iPhone 12 (hope a major update, usb c, 5g, new design )
    I’m happy with X now ?

    • 100 subscriber no videos and no dick says:

      NOT 5G PLEASE. waste of money.

    • Queen Melissa says:

      PDX_BRZ shut up ?

    • Mauro Del Core says:

      JR Richards at moment me too non use 5g I don’t go to buy a phone just for use 5g… my point was iPhone 11 maybe look very good but I am not want to buy an iPhone every year this gonna be a waste of money for me…
      I’m happy with x today.
      For usb c is just because I have MacBook and iPad with usb c cable so, gonna be great for me one cable, one standard connect for everything ?

    • Felipe A. says:

      Meeeh this comment

  5. storm2vega says:

    The verge definitely puts a lot more effort into producing an iPhone review. 17 mins long.

  6. Chijioke Mac-Eze says:

    3:57 look at her earring. Pixel 3 Wide

  7. Mike Beck says:

    Umm, excuse me. How the efff did you get the shot at 0:53‽ It’s awesome!

  8. Candy Boy says:

    Why didn’t you use the night mode on the note 10+?

    • Ihso says:

      @Pedro Silveira Just because they couldn’t hide the fact that the note 10 has a better video camera does not mean that it is not paid. What they did do is use the note (not the 10+) and they did not use night mode. Also, it takes just 5 seconds to install the google camera mod for any samsung device to get the same nice and vibrant photos seen on the pixel.

    • Xavier Sanchez says:

      @Jorge B. which features? I have a Note10+ that is my daily used device and an iPhone 7 as a backup (will be replace by the 11 soon)

    • Xavier Sanchez says:

      @Ihso why download the google camera mod when the note10 camera is the best? In that case will be pixel vs iphone camera

    • 100 subscriber no videos and no dick says:

      @GeramiL DaviLa none of those companies you mentioned pay reviews. Smaller companies do tho

  9. W Creations says:

    My eye just falls on the note 10s camera in all the camera comparisons…

  10. Shreyas Aradhya P says:

    I wanted to see the benchmark scores of the new A13 Bionic 🙁

  11. UserInterface00 says:

    Next month: The Verge on Pixel 4 “The best camera on a phone!”

  12. TimeFlies - Time Management says:

    1:11 into the video and already running out of battery ??

  13. Niketan Rai says:

    A camera battle without P30 Pro ?! You have to be kidding me smh ??‍♂️

    • Roly Esparcia says:

      the note 10 alone kills the iphone, how much more if the p30 pro was included

    • Oofle Doofle says:

      @ANT1PK you probably sont know any phones besides iPhones and Samsung huh? Lmao

    • Yosoy1an says:

      P30 phones kills any smart phone camera , iPhone 11 camera is ? compared to P30

    • makasete30 says:

      Michał Rogalski listen here. This camera is not a poor a camera, this video says it is currently the best, but even if it isn’t, it is one of the best. Video on the iPhone has long been better than any other android phone.

      No, iPhones are not just famous for brand, they are also famous for having the best performance with the ARM chip – it’s actually at the top in this tech specification. Also better for AR tech.

      Yes, other phones have other better specifications, but we all know that doesn’t always lead to better real world performance. RAM management for example. No input touch lag that Samsung users keep reporting.

      I still wish android phones had 5 years of OS updates…

      There may be phones out there with some better points, but it is not being left behind at all, and it still has overall excellent tech specs.

  14. Mikel Tan says:

    This is a high-quality video top to bottom. Great job covering these phones, guys!

  15. Eddie Starr says:

    The Big Question : can you get a decent photo of a Full Moon with this “camera system” ?

  16. Xtramost bestest says:

    I might get the 11… but where’d you find that cool space enema?

  17. The-terminator says:

    I feel like they don’t clean the lens when testing these cameras

  18. Nathan Wojo says:

    Idk I still prefer note10 I’ve always liked the colors produced

  19. kwaku kwapong says:

    If this is the best camera, then you’re probably legally blind

  20. 100 subscriber no videos and no dick says:

    Honestly if it wasn’t for note 10’s skin tones, I would have preferred. The note 10 in most

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