iPhone 13 Event Reaction: Everything New!

iPhone 13 Event Reaction: Everything New!

Reacting to the iPhone 13 lineup and everything new announced today.

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0:00 Intro
0:52 New $329 iPad
1:39 The iPad mini Refresh
3:09 Apple Watch Series 7
5:27 The iPhone 13 Lineup
5:52 The displays + ProMotion!
7:15 The new iPhone cameras
10:42 The new specs/prices

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Intro Track: http://youtube.com/20syl
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: https://goo.gl/B3AWV5



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48 Responses

  1. iupdate says:

    The drone shots did feel more impressive than the actual products

    • Sandhu Plays says:

      @Skyle Andria I have iPad air 4 and I wanted it in iPad mini size. That was exactly what I was looking for. Better for playing certain games and more portable. Regular iPad isn’t for everyone.

    • Jeppi25 says:

      Do you have the aluminum version?

    • Abhay Mhatre says:

      True . Only good one was iPad mini

    • John Cuccio says:

      Apple is still wayyyyyy ahead when it comes to processor and graphics performance. The old 12 is still more powerful then any phone on the market and the 13 is 40% faster then that. People just love to shit on apple lol. There is also no computer under $1000 that comes anywhere close to the performance of the M1 MacBook Air.

    • Hugo Miguel Vasconcelos says:

      You got that right … The lack of inovation is huge …

  2. Daily Dose Of Internet says:

    I honestly had no idea there was a new iPhone being released so I thought this was a meme at first.

  3. Julia Red says:

    If Apple care so much about the environment as stated at the event, why don’t they support the right to repair?

    • antiisocial says:

      Because $$$

    • Shaggy Dawg says:

      they’re referring to their “environment” a.k.a coffers. It ain’t a good environment if $$$ spills everywhere.

    • Bodi Games says:

      @Carl l lol you should just say Consumer law rights and Apple will immediately repair your device for free!
      Unless you live in Amurrricaa that doesn’t always work.
      If you live in Europe that’s 100% guaranteed to work.

    • Bodi Games says:

      Apple repairs your device for free if you say three words: Consumer Law rights
      If you live in amurriccaa it may not always work but in Europe it’s 100% guaranteed to work.

    • Aaron Da Bluestoner says:

      They never said “environment”
      It’s about going green, and money = green

  4. Risky says:

    Well , I’m skipping until the iPhone 14, who’s the real winner? 😋

  5. Impostor says:

    i will buy a new iphone when they remove that notch in 2121

    • jonezkid says:

      @cherrz they don’t need yours either sheep

    • Bodi Games says:

      That notch is needed for FACEID and it’s Dot projectors and infrared sensors.
      All of those things are things that Androids don’t have!
      Because the Androids are so cheap and trash that they couldn’t figure out how to make faceID they are able to remove the notch or punchhole etc.

    • Max Brus says:

      @impostor – the same for me. I’m hate this notch too. But the phone is suitable.

    • Hugo Miguel Vasconcelos says:

      @Jaime Duncan lol …what a iSheep …Clearly the other companies don’t get tested as a apple products are ??? This is your genius comment ?? Do you know what r you talking about???

    • Kutblade Beats says:

      @cherrz ok…….and?

  6. Astro physicist says:

    Every year people are like “I’m skipping this one” so does that mean they ended up getting the one they were skipping? Lol

    • niknokseyer says:

      I skipped last year’s so I’m getting this one.

    • - Xnnybimb - says:

      @Rousseau I read you’re original comment multiple times, you’re just mad kiddo

    • Graves539 says:

      Im still on a XS Max, im waiting for folding phone.

    • - Xnnybimb - says:

      @Rousseau I mean, everyone knows about security and all of that. But overall, using, say, an iPhone X doesn’t feel at all any different than using an iPhone 12, aside from Camera. You simply don’t understand what people criticize Apple for, no one is criticizing them for security and reliability, obviously that has to be updated. But even then, having an iPhone a few years old isn’t going to put you at big risks lol. How about you understand comments better, bro.

    • Rousseau says:

      @- Xnnybimb – then that just means you don’t know what a trade off is. Let me break it down:

      1) yall are very proud of how long your phones last

      2) these phones last so long bc they are reliable. Reliability is engineered, by the very people making all the iPhones since.

      3) you, at the same time, complain about how little upgrades there are (not true btw, 120Hz, battery, depth of field in video and retrospect editing?)

      4) to add additional upgrades, that introduces risk, especially to reliability.

      5) if apple were to appease your criticism for upgrades, they will likely inherently risk the very attribute you’re bragging about: the phone reliability/longevity

      6) which means you’re in a loop. Thus, “clown”

      Got it?

  7. ThisGuyStandingHere says:

    Sounds like fun trying to transfer all of this “cinema” quality video with the lightning cable

  8. Peter Xiong says:

    seems like every event, they always advertise x hours longer battery life over the previous device. I wonder how many hours it would be if you were to add up all the hours of announced battery life increase from every iPhone announcement ever. Would be interesting to see.

    • Tran Trong Thang says:

      Nah they didnt said it last year, since the 12s battery are slightly worse than the 11s, same thing goes to the iPhone 7/8/SE; 7 Plus/8 Plus so my guess is approximately 5-6 hours in total since the very first iPhone.
      P/S: the XS only have 30 minutes more usage compare to the X, basically a less than 10% improvement

    • Rousseau says:

      It’s not that simple. They’re also adding more features. And on tap of that, apps are getting more intensive to take advantage of the better battery life and better chip performance. All of this drains battery life. If the only thing that advanced since the original iPhone was the hardware and certain firmware, and all else halted, then I wouldn’t be surprised if phones last well over a day of continuous use these days.

    • Bodi Games says:

      @Tran Trong Thang False!
      Battery tests show the 12 pro max does last longer than the 11 pro max.

  9. Kerlinda Blah says:

    Would be interesting to see how long the battery actually lasts compared to older iPhones

  10. Farah says:

    I feel obliged to comment this, but Marques’s voice literally sounds like butter

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