iPhone 13 Unboxing & Impressions!

iPhone 13 Unboxing & Impressions!

Unboxing every iPhone 13 model and some honest early takes!
Studio iPhone 13 reaction: https://youtu.be/qAzZGMJcMS4
dbrand cases: http://dbrand.com/iphone-cases

MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com

Tech I’m using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD

Intro Track: Jordyn Edmonds http://smarturl.it/jordynedmonds
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: https://goo.gl/B3AWV5

Phone provided by Apple for review.



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41 Responses

  1. Mellomelt says:

    I love Marques’ passive-aggressive sarcasm LOL

  2. Mrwhosetheboss says:

    OK “recycled phone design” got me

  3. Gerard Bradshaw says:

    9:26 “Here’s some A15 bionic scores just to sort of round out the initial impressions” was not followed by A15 Geekbench scores. Just in case you’re able to update 🙂

  4. groffmarr says:

    Secret negative of MKBHD’s exceptional videography: if he throws a phone in a dbrand case I know he’s smooth enough to edit picking up a fresh phone

  5. Ian Nutter says:

    Man those geekbench scores were so fast, I must have missed them…

    • Eduard says:

      @Ground Control yes, he added them later

    • Tim Lempicki says:

      @Ground Control Woah. I didn’t know that could even be done. I see them now.

    • Tati says:

      Good dad joke

    • Ground Control says:

      @Tim Lempicki Yeah they can change a ton of things in the video post upload for reasons such as this. People are bound to make mistakes here and there. They can also change the thumbnail and title, and they often do this several times in order to find the one that gets the most clicks.

    • johnfran says:

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  6. leeartlee915 says:

    I’d love to hear more detail about buying a 12 vs the 13 given just how similar these phones are. I’m still rocking a iPhone 6s and honestly been waiting for apple to stop updating my phone… which hasn’t happened yet. I feel like saving a $100, while nice, barely matters when you are plopping down over $500 to start with (especially for folks like me that don’t upgrade too often).

    • leeartlee915 says:

      @Alec Horner oh for sure. 12 to 13 looks like a complete waste of money.

      Edit: except if you are REALLY needing that 120 hertz

    • Zeal says:

      my 12 mini, mom’s 12, uncle’s 12 pro max all have the flickering issue where sometimes the “oled black” would be gray/green or flashing between black and gray/green so if the 13 fix it then it could be worth for some people

    • Kelli Sees says:

      @Alec Horner if they’re holding onto a 6s right now, it would cost _more_ to get a 12 Pro than just getting a standard 13 which is only missing one camera feature (but adds 2) and has the newest chip set, longer battery life, and a better screen. There no good reason to upgrade to a 12 Pro instead of a 13 unless you only go for the larger models

    • Teku Anon says:

      @Aaron F
      Yeah some can be rocking with their phone. You know how? If they’re happy with it.

    • duck Tape says:

      Honestly if you are still rocking with the 6s and liking it the next step would be an 8. Unless you want the new features but if you just want a newer iphone 6s like on a budget that would be the 8

  7. CMAC McMac says:

    “Recycled phone design “ was so smooth .. it hit me seconds later and I laughed for a solid minute.

  8. Jeremy G says:

    Random but I’ve been watching MKBHD for so long that if I ever heard him end a video without saying “Peace” my head would probably explode. Lol. Love the videos bro.

  9. Erin Goodine says:

    That “DaYm bOy U ThiCC!” Took me all the way out haha. Thanks for the first impressions bro!

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