iPhone 14 Pro Max REACTION

iPhone 14 Pro Max REACTION

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro have arrived. Apple also announced the iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra and AirPods Pro 2. Sponsored by Anker. Anker Nano 3: https://ankerfast.club/UnboxNano3 — Bio-Based Charging Cable: https://ankerfast.club/UnboxBioCable

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45 Responses

  1. Ava Adams says:

    Good God, that was the most detailed and yet to-the-point rundown I’ve ever seen. -Thank you

    • Telegram me 👉@Realunbox1 says:

      👆👆Thanks for watching and congratulation 🎊you have been selected among my shortlisted winners.

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  2. Juan S says:

    apple watches are very useful, im still rocking my series 4 and it does everything on the go. i use it to log in to authenticate online accounts, use it as a camera timer, calendar and gps for going through places in downtown university.

    • Daniel Torres says:

      apple watches are useless i’ve had the gen 3 and currently gen 7, i workout and swim and everything and still it isn’t useful for me, literally only use it to check the time

    • RITA MELLON - I WĄŃT Š ’Ę’ X ! 🍒 says:

      🦆 you have your new address on

  3. Ben says:

    The iPhone 14 has my interest with the accident sensor. I was in a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago and had no way of contacting anyone or making an emergency call. Luckily wasn’t as bad as I thought but seeing that feature has me interested in case it ever happens again.

    • Haru Yanto says:

      Yeah that and the satellite are the only good features so far, although it makes me wonder why hasn’t all phones had such

  4. Mr. Weatherman says:

    I feel like the dynamic pill is spaced down too far from the top bezel. The bottom of it ends up being lower on the screen than the notch, at least compared to my 13 Pro Max from what I can tell. I could see that being an issue with theatric-style widescreen videos with edges that currently stop at the notch — of which, several tech YouTubers use such a format (Linus Tech Tips, for example). Even with videos that fill the entire screen, the notch has never really bothered me because it’s out of the way, pushed against the side of the phone. I feel like the floating pill will be a distraction. Regardless, I’m keeping my 13 another year, so I’ll revisit this issue next year!

  5. Carl Liu says:

    I really loved that dynamic island idea, completely converted some technical limitations into an opportunity.

    • KK says:

      @Peter CPRail8748 lol why are you so wound up. Just don’t buy it.

    • KK says:

      @Tnehk Khent your camera already has smudges. Half the time I put my phone in my pocket right side up and end up grabbing the notch to pull the phone out. It takes half a second to wipe it down lol, not really an issue.

    • Aaron Nevarez says:

      @Peter CPRail8748 Apple still dominates market share 😴

    • Autobot says:

      @Marcus iPhone is playing catch up
      People are so blinded by the brand, they call it a feature
      I think crash detection may come in handy
      Like, a biker gets into a serious crash from skid and falls unconscious
      in an uninhabited area
      Your phone calls emergency services
      That’s great
      This scenario maybe so rare but serious prob is that Apple is giving it as a paid subscription
      That’s messed up!

    • Active G says:

      @Oscar Kallixtus Kalleson do you not use notification or control centre?

  6. Scott2k44 says:

    ESim is a great idea, I’ve been using mine for a year now. However the downside is it’s expensive for carriers to provision these and is often not advertised to customers so it’s had a low uptake.

    • Scott2k44 says:

      @Uilliam56 X physical SIM and ESim as it is in the current phones and has been since the XR if I remember correctly

    • Scott2k44 says:

      @Tamas I think it’s ultimately going that way, most modern phones include this now. They remove something, people have a moan and then it’s forgotten about. But carriers will use this to their advantage to sell plans that allow roaming

    • Haru Yanto says:

      It’s something China has been doing for at least a decade now

    • Uilliam56 X says:

      @M. Lafertin so in Europe they’ll have the physical sim tray or not?

    • Daniel Puerto says:

      So I have multiple phones, I have the s22 ultra, the 13 and the 13 mini and I just swap my 1 SIM card depending on what phone I feel like using, if I get the new pro max how do I switch my phone’s using the same line? Is that even possible?

  7. Crescent Beach says:

    Just a brilliantly executed video. So much info done in a non-hype (oh my gawd!) manner, but allowing for genuinely honest reactions. Excellent. BIG points for laughing at the pretentious “dynamic island” bullsh*t.

  8. TheeLaffingMan says:

    Instead of getting rid of the notch which they were probably backed into a corner because it was possibly less likely to do, Apple just said “fuccit” and DOUBLED-DOWN on it and made it an interactive, integral part of the phone; this is genius! It was a great purposeful move. They removed the sim-card….iPhone is on the road to eventually remove the charging port altogether. iPhone 15 or 16….I’m calling it now.

    • Haru Yanto says:

      It’s basically a dumbed down notification tab or control center on your screen, or as Android users would call it an “animated widget”.

    • Michael Budiman says:

      and sorry if im wrong.
      Apple’s reason of rejecting the change from lightning cable to usb c (back then) when pressed by EU is an “environmental” issue of people throwing away their lightning usb accesorries will create a lot of e-waste.

      if they remove the charging port altogether wouldnt it make them hypocrites?

    • Michael Budiman says:

      removing the sim card..ye i can see that. headphone jack…yeah ok. removing the charger? ye thats fine i have a lot already.

      but charging port? hell no fam. ye if you rarely go out of your home or you only go to work and go back home at the end of the day i can see the “wireless charging” future. BUT what if youre travelling? what if you constantly move between places? what if sometimes you have to sleep at work because of overtime and not go home? bring a whole wireless charger? it is going to be so inconvinient. and you also cant do the “hey i forgot my charger can i borrow yours?” anymore.

      i personally like apple devices. been using it for years. even the ipad pro. constantly upgrading. but if they remove charging port…i might consider android just because of that.

    • Barracuda says:

      it’s a stupid idea

  9. MJ says:

    If apple introduced this “dynamic island” back in 2019 it would have been innovative both in terms of software and hardware but i think its too late

    • Haru Yanto says:

      @MJ true, they haven’t innovated in years, amazing how they drop a design like the notch after only 4 generations while the home button was used for 10 generations, they are still good choices though but only after the phone’s price has dropped, do they actually become good value i.e iPhone 11, I’ll probably get the 13 pro max years later since rn it’s currently the best iPhone out

    • Haru Yanto says:

      @Tyler it has better long term OS support, that is true, but battery life is in line with android devices, only 13 pro max has better battery life than most Androids, iPhones are flagship devices, they perform just like any other flagship devices, actually benchmark scores are the most trustworthy of a performance since Samsung has been known to boost performance when it detects a benchmarking app, the best test is heavy games like Genshin impact and again, android has that one in the bag, at least the high end chips

    • Haru Yanto says:

      @Tyler that’s not true, they implemented notches, guess what others have done it better, they implemented fast charging, others do it better, the implemented wireless charging, others are doing it better, they implemented great displays, others are doing it better, they implemented great rear camera, others are doing it better and so on it’s actually the other way around. Apple sets trends but they usually end up getting outdone

    • MJ says:

      @dmaskell92 all the battery life and so what, its the same thing with just a little bit of spec bump. Other competitors do the same, everyone try hard and do better. The difference is the innovation. Apple used to be more than that. Innovating new products impacting our lifestyles but now Apple does that less and less.

    • MJ says:

      @Tyler i agree, where did the apple we used to know? I think they are losing their original character and meaning. It used to be for consumers and yet elegant. But now it just looks like its all about how to package the same thing more prettier and call it a day

  10. Alkap80 says:

    Usually, now and then, I swap my SIM card between my iPhone and android. With esim only, its going to be a hassle to switch over to other phones. Also, what about traveling internationally? Just to get away from roaming charges, one usually swap for a local SIM card in the designated country. Now, with iPhone 14s, it will be hard to swallow all those charges.

    • Zachary Davis says:

      @a sorry for my ignorance. I’m guessing you would have to buy it out of the country iPhone 14 if you travel for work or just in general pretty often I hope other countries will hop on that train here soon.

    • Zachary Davis says:

      @Alkap80 that shouldn’t be a problem!

    • Zachary Davis says:

      @tarikhul mahfudz I just noticed that. Apple sucks for that then

    • Zachary Davis says:

      @Alkap80 you will be able to but I just got word that other prepaid carriers out of the United States does not do E sim. Guy commented on this post said that after I posted this

    • a says:

      @Zachary Davis my T-mobile 13 Pro Max has E-SIM already. But I travel a lot for work and majority of EU countries don’t support this. I don’t think you understand just how far ahead of the game the US is compared to everyone else in terms of wireless network capabilities. Even in central London I only get regular 5G speed with a UK SIM card. They don’t have the 600+ MBPS 5G UC/UE that we have in the US. I’m in Spain right now and again had to switch to a Vodafone ES SIM just to get 4G speeds. In the whole of Europe my T-Mobile E-SIM is only capable of 256kbps for roaming which is essentially completely useless. Removing the SIM from the 14 is going to force me to skip upgrading until the EU catches up to the US and allows me to virtually download E-SIM prepaid services while I’m traveling.

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