iPhone 14 Pro Review: This Will Be Copied!

iPhone 14 Pro Review: This Will Be Copied!

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have 3 main new things. My honest thoughts!

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Phone provided by Apple for review.



0:00 Intro!
1:28 Internals
5:27 Display
13:33 Cameras
19:41 My Take

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32 Responses

  1. Lens says:

    I honestly think the Dynamic Island is just another one of the small marketing schemes that apple does that works so well. Even though there is still a notch, this new feature made it look new for most people.

  2. Anjelice Foreman says:

    As an 11Pro user I considered upgrading but decided to hold off for now. One thing I liked about apples new update was that you can use your iPhone camera on your Mac for better quality and the whole top down view (still don’t get how it works but that’s super cool). That’s one thing I want to learn more about.

    • Ekruz says:

      I was going to wait but ATT is offering $1000 trade in credit for the 11

    • Tundro NT says:

      Also have an eleven pro, i’m upgrading, we’ll see how it goes, hopefully not a terrible mistake

    • rayrayravioli says:

      I’ve been able to do that on my android phones for at least 6 years now 💀

    • YOUR TECH FRIEND says:

      You’ll get 5G, better battery and much better camera and mic if that matters to you

    • Jack Wong says:

      Just FYI your phone tradein price worth 300 now and next year will be 150, the drop rate is more is more than from last year to this year.

      I’m using apple tradein value and assume the 11 pro will be the XS tradein price for next year.

      If you happen to find a great tradein deal with your carrier, I would recommend to just upgrade it.

      I have 12 pro max and tradein with tmobile+2 years contract, I will get 1000 credit overall in 2 years.

  3. Ian Howlett says:

    A really honest, true review and therefore very much appreciated. Great content once again!

  4. Sebastian Safari says:

    I’d love to see a transitioning from Android to iOS video, I’m a long time Android user that’s going to switch to the iPhone 14 Pro, would be nice to have a comparison and guide to swap over.

  5. Jason Ross says:

    I’ve been holding my iPhone XS Max for 4 years now and was really looking forward to upgrading to the 14 Pro Max. However, the more I digest the details on this release, I am feeling less inclined to buy and just wait another year. I will be first in line for the new Ultra watch though!

    • Vladimir Budžar says:

      I was also thinking of replacing my XS Max with the new one, but there is a huge possibility I will wait another year. I’m not that impressed and luckily my old phone still works fine and the battery somehow still lasts the whole day.

    • Fanny Noriega says:

      same but my phone is definitely on its last legs

  6. Mubin Noor says:

    LG has made significant contributions to the things we’ve normalized today like a dedicated wide-angle camera, double tap to wake or sleep and now the shortcuts bar. Kinda miss having LG as a flagship competitor.

    • M Winchester says:

      Many years ago my husband had an LG and I had an iPhone and I was shocked my husband could wake his LG by tapping it, I was sooo happy when iPhone finally adopted it!

    • Tashreeq Titus says:

      So true! They never really got credit for the things they created

    • Victoria says:

      Same. Especially their speakers, headphone jack and quad dac

    • Ellie says:

      i used to have a v20 and it was a great phone for a long time but when it ended up breaking, i switched to iphone and dont ever see myself going back. something about ios just feels so fluid to me, i cant explain it. and i used to be an android only apple hater so

    • randomnobody playthrough says:

      Old stuff, new packaging.

  7. Efrain Sanchez says:

    Im really gonna feel the difference upgrading from 12 pro max, finally gonna get 120hz plus the battery difference is pretty big, i would upgrade from the 13 pro max very minor upgrades

  8. w0nd32B07 says:

    I actually love the way the dynamic
    “ i-land “ works. The only thing that could have made the new iPhone better would have been type C. I guess next year they’ll have to

  9. Xingyu Zhou says:

    I think it might be better if the dynamic island can display notifications as well, like the notification just pops out from the pill instead of a separate box like the one shown in the video

  10. Ghulam Afzal says:

    Great review as always
    I have an iPhone 13 Pro and I won’t be upgrading now until Apple release USB-C in their iPhones which will probably be iPhone 15/16 now

    The dynamic island sounds like a great feature but I think it’s going to be like the Touch Bar on MacBooks
    Sounds great in principle but not something a lot of people will use

    Hoping Apple will completely phase out the pill or cut out

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