iPhone 15/15 Pro Unboxing and Second Look!

iPhone 15/15 Pro Unboxing and Second Look!

iPhone 15 unboxings and early thoughts on some of headlining features

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Phones provided by Apple for review.



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35 Responses

  1. Eleet Tabboo says:

    From simple tech videos to recognized by the largest tech company, mkbhd has seen unprecedented progress. Congrats Marques!

  2. Lancelot du Lac says:

    I understood why I like Marques’ videos so much – they are so calm (and professional and to the point and good visuals of course) – no over the top nonsence, just pure level and vision; well done and keep up!

  3. Bliss says:

    I’d love to see how the 15 pro photo and video quality compare to a couple of older generations, as well as how it compares to some high-end cameras. Dynamic range, color accuracy, etc

  4. Christian Poynter says:

    I would love to see how the pro max handles zooms between 2x and 5x. I want the 5x zoom of the pro max, but that desire is tempered a bit if the gap from 2x to 5x isn’t handled well.
    Essentially, I’d love to see side-by-side photos of 3x and 4x.

  5. Marios Limnidis says:

    As an android user thinking of switching now, I’d like to know battery life and also charging times for the pros. After 5 years of fast charging, that would be a big difference I think.
    Thank you for the amazing videos- keep it up ✌🏽

  6. OTAKU OTAKU says:

    Always a vibe watching people changing their phones every year while my phone is growing with me

  7. WeavePap says:

    I like that the action button can be used to switch between focus modes, but I’d also love to see the functionality of the action button change depending on what focus mode you are in.

    • Niels Kersic says:

      That would be great, but you could already achieve this with a Shortcut. Just make the shortcut check which focus mode is active and then trigger your desired shortcut from there accordingly

  8. Tom Hayes-Isaacs says:

    Would be great to see some nighttime photography (portraits and bar shots) as well as night sky / star photography for the 15 Pro.

    I love taking night shots on my 13 Pro, which was a big improvement on my iPhone XR, but there’s a lot of room for improvement.

    • Jude says:

      I was wondering the same…..I’ve had my XR for what seems like forever now and am finally gonna upgrade to the 15 and can’t wait to see how pics come out.

    • Christopher Howard says:

      I had my 12 Pro Max, then 13 Pro Max – and the 13PM did better with astro (which seeing how much of the 13 Pro’s camera improved over the 12 Pro Max, biggest reason why I upgraded after 1 year) – that said I saw nary improvements with last year’s iPhone 14 Pro line, and maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised with these new Pro models. All that aside, I find the lack of a true dedicated astro mode from Apple to be a bit of slack on Apple’s part, and maybe one day we’ll see it happen.

      As for reviews, astrophotography reviews are typically reserved to specialist photographers and general consumers. There’s a YouTuber here – Shayne Mostyn – who reviews smartphone astro capabilities on his farm in Australia. You can also find astro photos posted by people on the iPhoneography subreddit from time to time.

    • VanillaGorilla says:

      Just buy a galaxy like an adult. Lol

    • Matty O says:

      Buy a DSLR and some $$$ lenses.

  9. Hello There says:

    I’d enjoy seeing details about the sensor sizes in all the new phones. Especially the reportedly bigger main sensor camera on the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max.

  10. Salina Enns says:

    I’d like to see side by side pictures, especially night mode from 14 Pro to 15 Pro and hear your thoughts on wether it’s worth it to upgrade from 14 pro

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