iPhone 6S Battery Case – Design Failure?

iPhone 6S Battery Case – Design Failure?

iPhone 6S Smart Battery Case – One of the strangest designs I’ve ever seen from Apple.

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20 Responses

  1. TheCrimsonDuelist says:

    Yeah for me I would rather get the iPhone 6s plus if I am concerned about
    battery life.

  2. erjcethan says:

    So they took their old cases and stuck a battery in it. FML

  3. Jonathan Cortez says:

    Do a video for the flux battery case

  4. Jesse Bouma says:

    I want that not to be greedy the

  5. tony galleg says:

    lew can i please have an iphone 6s any color please never had a iphone in
    my life and my phone sucks its an lg g2 with broken camera i understand if
    i dont end up winning and good luck to everyone else. Greetings from mexico

  6. Jason-Duke Prygodda says:

    Hey guys,
    can you help me?
    Which machine is better(Windows users don’t freak out!)?
    MacBook Pro (2015,base) or iMac (2015,base) ?
    Don’t know which is better.I’m 15 years old and worked hard for this
    money,but I can’t decided the final winner XD

  7. BLOODjack143 says:

    hahahahahaha looks like someone just shrink wrap a after market battery
    from samsung phone at the back looks like a china product rather than apple
    benefits of having the case make people laugh at your wierd iphone case. No
    more slim iphone thick as shit, trust me i can just make one my self for
    only 20 bucks easily so no point spending a few hundred and make people
    laugh at yo phone

  8. nuno rodrigues says:

    5 to make they sell for 100 good job apple

  9. It's Akile says:

    I’m positive this was a test

  10. Nick Howell says:

    really poor design. I really like apple, but they deserve this criticism so
    maybe they can improve.

  11. Dann D says:

    Hello Jack

  12. Matthew Gray says:

    unbox therapy

  13. fabian perez says:

    Does it suck?

  14. Andrija Spoljar says:

    Great video!

  15. Michael J says:

    Who the hell is jack

  16. John Hunt says:

    The LED light for the battery level is INSIDE THE CASE – WHO THE FUCK

  17. Tailslol says:

    I know everyone is saying the nexus 5x is a bad phone but damn I recharge
    mine every 2 to 3 days with aggressive doze with light use,and every day
    and a half at heavy use! Damn.

  18. Karan says:

    A a proper power bank from Xiaomi, TYLT, Anker, Aukey would be a great
    substitute. Not only they’ll be cheaper, but they’ll have more battery
    life, and be universal to your other devices. Plus you can pick up a
    Microusb, Lightning and what ever else you’ll need to charge your devices
    and still be under $50 EASILY.

  19. Dano Riaz says:

    speaking of the iphone 6s where’s mine

  20. Suspicious Alternate Account 0_o says:

    Apple has gone to shit since Steve Jobs died