iPhone 6s Hands-On! (Rose Gold)

iPhone 6s Hands-On! (Rose Gold)

We go hands-on with Apple’s new iPhone 6s, which sports 7000 series aluminum, 3D Touch, and a 12-megapixel camera.

Read more about the iPhone 6s: http://bit.ly/1FyA1Cd
Check out the iPhone 6s Plus: http://bit.ly/1FyzRuM
iPad Pro Hands-On: http://bit.ly/1gaBZlF

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20 Responses

  1. ParrottBoy1212 says:

    So sexy

  2. Dion Sastra says:

    I want 6s in 4inch screen model

  3. Strong bad says:

    the glass will shatter like all the others, don’t get your hopes up.

  4. Wishwader says:

    Never experienced that, but if you’re after a clean os void of convoluted
    errors/messages you’re going to hate Android, especially due to
    crapware/spyware/viruses which literally dominate Android right now.

  5. TheRealTrikein says:

    Holy shit, a new color, someone call fucking NASA. What’s next… yellow?
    Orange? How far can Apple push this color technology? -.-

  6. David Harvath says:

    isn’t force touch basically a long touch to bring up options?

  7. Wishwader says:

    If you do switch to Android just avoid Samsung like the plague, unless you
    like crapware, convoluted options (multiple apps which do the same thing)
    and beta features which just get in the way.

  8. sumeet satam says:

    better I will go for “SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 EDGE” far better specs thn this
    shitt.. :p

  9. taz874 says:

    not trying to bash on apple or anything but ive got two problems. firstly
    why the hell is there still a 16gb version in 2015. samsung,sony,htc have
    all eliminated the 16gb version this year and made 32gb the standard but
    apple is still charging extra for a 32gb version. 16gb is not enough once
    you take in OS updates, pictures,music,applications(take quite some space
    these days). but its apple they love to try and rip us of.

    and another thing for all you diehard apple fans whats up with the stylus i
    mean you know the guy steve jobs creator of apple yh well i remember in
    2007 was it that no one wants a styus etc so why has apple decided to make
    a stylus now.

  10. joel cleare says:

    Thanks for the video !

  11. Wishwader says:

    Except high end Android phones cost similar amounts. If you’re after a
    cheap plastic phone, well yes, Apple doesn’t bother with that segment.

  12. Christian Ascencio says:

    That Ui needs an update its ugly already.

  13. Thomas Summers says:

    that’s pink

  14. Freddy Bear says:

    Basically Apple steals a couple of Jaibreak tweaks/ideas and never thanks

  15. Vicky Kar says:

    I see from the comments here that Android fanboys are getting more batshit
    crazy by the minute. You guys are so butthurt that Android phone
    manufacturers are seeing huge profit drop while Apple’s profits are rising.
    You will need medical help soon, seriously.

  16. MrTheBeast says:

    Will it still take pictures in 4:3 format?

  17. julio hernandez says:


  18. Cubbie Hawk says:

    I think I’ll stick with my 5s for now

  19. SilverSpade92 says:

    Nokia did the animated images thing last year.