iPhone 6s Logic Board and Display Booting to Gear Icon

iPhone 6s Logic Board and Display Booting to Gear Icon

iPhone 6s parts are continuing to surface as we get closer to launch, and here’s an example of what you can do when you start putting them together. http://www.macrumors.com/2015/08/25/iphone-6s-boot-gear-screen/

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20 Responses

  1. Magic Journeys says:

    +#Free Gucci those are great choices too. Gonna have to do a little more
    research on it.

  2. #Free Gucci says:

    +Magic Journeys why not a sony rx100 iv or a canon g7x..

  3. Magic Journeys says:

    +#Free Gucci I have a Canon 70d and a Sony a5000 I use to vlog with but
    when I’m out And about I prefer to vlog with a phone cause it’s much more
    convenient and with an iPhone I could always use I Movie to edit from
    inside the phone. Currently filming with a Note 4 and the lack of editing
    through the phone makes it difficult. Sorry if that upsets you haha

  4. #Free Gucci says:

    +Magic Journeys if your going to vlog with your phone, just kill ur self

  5. Michael Leung says:

    booting to the gear? if youre gonna show us that, might as well show it
    ACTUALLY booted into the os. but whatever.

  6. James Collins (A.k.A) says:

    Must be the next Apple product, it looks just like the last one! ;)

    • thug4life2005 says:

      +CoolGuy Doge AWWWWWWWWW look another crapple fan got mad. Oh well IJDGAF
      about crapple. Can’t wait till they go belly up. Steve “blow” Jobs should
      of made it go bankrupt.

    • CoolGuy Doge says:

      nununu dis 1 has siri the best voice command ever. so yeah go off urself

  7. CoolGuy Doge says:

    wtf they used thermal paste on a phone…

  8. MrSwadloon says:

    Where does one get these iPhone 6s parts from?

    • OneManShow says:

      +MrSwadloon steal ’em from the factory in China… or swipe them from an
      employee in Silicon Valley. Both require the use of “high-tech thief
      gloves” **shown in video**

  9. Harry Black says:

    How ironic, the iPhone is prettier on the inside, with that beautiful red
    thingy, but well whatever.

  10. Sil3nt says:

    Lol those gloves and watch

  11. Brian 1 says:

    Its beautiful.

  12. godfatherNYC says:

    What song is this???

  13. live yourlife says:

    those gloves looks nice.

  14. The Gaming Chicken says:

    This is legitness.

  15. Fat Chihuahuas says:

    Fake and gay