iPhone 6s Plus – Bend Test

iPhone 6s Plus – Bend Test

Will Apples new iPhone 6s Plus bend? We test apples new 7000 series aluminium rose gold iPhone to see if we can put an end to Bend Gate.

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20 Responses

  1. robert hingston says:

    Very professionally well made video

  2. Enzo R says:

    I feel as though the iPhone 6s seems much more sturdier than the 6 just by
    looking at it in this video. Thanks for using all your might guys. The
    iPhone 6s is thin yet so strong. It’s kind of like a sleeper car. You
    really don’t know what you’re getting yourself into until it tries to bend
    your own fingers. Lol. Thanks for showing guys!

  3. Delvin Chua says:

    Now we don’t need to worry about it curving in our pants ?

  4. ‫מאור רון‬‎ says:

    What i think about the iPhone 6s- its ok, finaly a camera improve and as we
    can se match stronger then the previous version. But, i think it doesnt
    worth to buy it yet because most of the apps arent supporting the 3d touch
    screen. After all.. A big improvement for the iPhone 6s

  5. Carlos Figueroa says:

    I like how durable the iPhone 6/6s is I might get one myself now

  6. Daniel Mezquita says:

    is this what you do, COPY?

  7. Pedro Luís says:

    It’s very strong

  8. adiblasi says:

    I enjoyed the video very much – thank you. – Alfred.

  9. Chaeden B says:

    ѕo waιт, do people watching this want the iPhone to bend?

  10. GAMINdbMAX says:

    lou this time ..

  11. Dirk Leinert says:

    great, thank you :)

  12. David Hannigan says:

    You’re not doing it right. Needs a blender.

  13. Remi Chouchou says:

    Pour que j’approuve cette vidéo, il faut que je vois au moins une explosion
    de la batterie.

  14. Chandra B says:


  15. DimitriMiles says:

    These videos are so stupid. People spent on a long time making those
    things. And we just destroy it for some views.

  16. Mohammed Al Mamun says:

    I really want the iPhone 6s. Looks cool with the 3D touch and an improved

  17. Private Puncakes says:

    He wanted to be first

  18. Nick J says:

    Why is everyone here acting like UnboxTherapy invented bending vids? Anyone
    on the face of this earth can make a bend video, and there probably existed
    bend tests before Lew did his last year. Can people just quit bitching?

  19. AutumnMay says:

    That is strong!!

  20. Curtis McAllister says:

    Dislike for stealing. Lol this video was bad for your reputation.