iPhone 6s screen leaked exclusive on video! Reviewed and Unboxing / MacManiack.com

iPhone 6s screen leaked exclusive on video! Reviewed and Unboxing / MacManiack.com

iPhone 6s screen leaked exclusive on video! Reviewed and Unboxing / MacManiack.com

Our video of the brand new iPhone 6s has hit the Internet !
We are happy to show you the first iPhone 6S screen ever seen on video.
Find a short review showing the main differences between the previous and the new screen !

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20 Responses

  1. Kenneth Lopez says:

    anyone know the music????

  2. Mobile EMT On-The-Go Smartphone & Tablet Repair says:

    We’re sure glad to see that it looks like Apple is going to use OLED’s this
    time around in their iPhones. As you can see from the comparison, the
    iPhone 6S has 2 flex cables, but one of them is for the Touch ID connector
    shown toward the bottom of the display, left of the home button. This means
    that the iPhone 6S only has a single connector dedicated to the display,
    where the iPhone 6/6Plus/5S/5C/5/4S/4 all had two connectors for the
    display. One connector for the Digitizer touch layer, and one for the LCD

    Due to the presence of only a single connection for the display in the
    iPhone 6S, we’re going to take a guess that this will be an OLED display.

    Also important to note: The ZTE Axon Mini is the world’s first Force Touch
    phone and it’s display is …… OLED.

    • roccerfeller says:

      +Mobile EMT On-The-Go Smartphone & Tablet Repair
      Hopefully! I don’t want to get my hopes up, but if it had a similar display
      to the Apple Watch that would be awesome. I mean, it makes sense for it to
      be OLED given how Force touch was implemented on the Apple Watch (more
      flexible) but at the same time, wouldn’t this be something people would
      have noticed in the supply chain by now?

      I absolutely love the OLED display in the GS6 phones! So hopefully the 6s
      implements it. I’m planning to get one regardless 🙂

  3. Dekwan Elfizgha says:

    +MacManiack hello i was wondering where i can buy iphone 6s screens ?

  4. Abdullah Assiri says:

    omg my mom says ill give u my iphone 6 and she wants iphone 6s im in saudi
    arabia and my dad is in NYC
    yaay im only like 13

    • Nakai Davis says:

      Yeah I don’t know how old I am too. So I’m like I don’t know like like or
      like like like. You know ?

  5. Mikiah Harper says:

    you got the screen and unbox therapy got the back. you guys should meet up.

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  7. bizzy gie says:

    Looks like another minimal upgrade with rumored features that are only new
    to iPhone.

    But OLED screens are beautiful though. Hopefully, you’ll get that and at
    least a 1080p display which will be nifty.

  8. idopestarrify says:


  9. idopestarrify says:


  10. idopestarrify says:


  11. idopestarrify says:


  12. Gustavo Kuster says:

    Name of the song, please… Thank you!!

  13. Gustavo Kuster says:

    Name of the song please?

  14. Julie J says:

    I wanted to see what the phone looked like

    This is just a video about phone parts 

  15. Unstoppable 1237 says:

    100 th like

  16. DFA Tomcat says:

    into the trash it goes

  17. MrWubWub says:

    Yo unboxtherapy got the backplate. All you guys need now is the
    motherboard+battery+whatever and you got a whole 6s :))))

  18. Javier Vazquez says:

    I couldn’t help but look at his thumbs the whole time