iPhone 6S Video Test 4k!

iPhone 6S Video Test 4k!

I used attachment lenses from Moment, a startup that makes great stuff (full disclosure – i am an advisor to the company) see here – http://momentlens.co/

I used an external microphone and I made a mount to attach the camera and mic to a tripod. I also color graded using FCx basic color tools.

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20 Responses

  1. Casey Neistat says:

    +Evan Tran try refreshing

  2. Karlis Grendze says:

    this is amazing footage!!

  3. danimal818 says:

    idk thats just how i feel

  4. Casey Neistat says:

    +conaghy im sure he has

  5. Casey Neistat says:

    +Amanda Hernandez yes indeed

  6. Casey Neistat says:

    +Sam Kent nope your optimistic

  7. Mini Minter says:

    everyone go and check out go and subscribe to Jack Cozens Vlogs like this
    when done !!!

  8. Alejandro Cortez says:

    Xperia Z: “I’m Xperia Z and nominate to Galaxy S6 of Ice bucket challenge!”

    Galaxy S6: “I’m Galaxy S6 and nominate to iPhone 6S of Ice bucket

    iPhone 6S: “fucking Galaxy S6″

  9. Pouya Yaghob says:

    Another stupid advertising about the shittiest phone on this planet. comon
    casseyyy why is money ur g_od?

  10. lumspond says:

    I thought Guilliani cleaned up Times Square. Still looks scummy. I don’t
    see a 2160 option on YouTube settings, just 1080.

  11. Isaiah Tandoc says:

    The iPhone 6s’ 4K video actually looks pretty good. Nice video.

  12. Kepler Palacio says:

    The way the woman on the right just said, “Come on…” and just pulled all
    the money out of Casey’s hand really pissed me off. On top of that she
    couldn’t even wait her turn to get tipped.

  13. Dragon Entertainment says:

    so my computer cant handle the quality yeah and its apple air mac yeah

  14. Hugh Williamson says:

    Guy at 4:18 getting some good photos for later

  15. cesar hernandez says:

    I was in NYC in August and literally saw the same naked painted women. They
    ask for pictures and for a $20 tip, and if you don’t give them a tip
    they’ll go through your phone until they delete the pics you just took with
    them. That experience made not want to go to Times Square again.

  16. Jack Walker says:

    Is Jack sponsored by Lacoste?

  17. Owen Payne says:

    I also kinda looked like that kill just started taking all your cash.

  18. PORN STAR TV says: