iPhone 7 Case Leak!

iPhone 7 Case Leak!

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This iPhone 7 case leak appears to confirm some speculation that the upcoming iPhone 7 will feature some substantial changes. To start, the camera layout looks to be enlarged (possibly to accommodate a second lens?). Next, the lack of an obvious headphone cutout on this case appears to confirm speculation that the iPhone 7 will be the first Apple iPhone without a standard 3.5mm plug for universal headphone compatibility. The case for the iPhone 5se is somewhat less interesting, it appears to resemble the current iPhone 5 and 5s almost identically. One last note – There is some thought that Apple will actually manufacture two separate iPhone 7s. An iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro. If this is the case, we may still see a more traditional layout available for legacy minded users (either in the form of rebadged iPhone 6 or a stripped down iPhone 7). Nonetheless, if this case is any indication it appears that Apple will be making some significant moves in the tech space shortly. If Apple really does eliminate the headphone jack it’ll be the first significant manufacturer to do so. This decision could further differentiate Apple and the iPhone 7 from Samsung (Galaxy S7) and the remaining Android marketplace. Alternately it may encourage Samsung and others to embrace a 3.5mm-less future. Maybe this is all just a ploy to sell more Beats headphones!

So how will this shift be met? Are consumers ready for an iPhone without a headphone jack? Could a dual lens iPhone 7 become a reality? Leave a comment down below! Are you excited for the iPhone 7 or is it just another iPhone?

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20 Responses

  1. McKayTrimDoesAJ says:

    I’m not buying an IPhone if there is no headphone jack. Dafuq Apple.

  2. Arimitra Chakrabarti says:

    that extra large cutout for the lightning port could be to accommodate a
    smart connector just like the one in an ipad pro for connecting some

  3. MaxPalers LEL says:

    samsung galaxy s7 is better !!

  4. Mrunal Shah says:

    what’s the song in the background? it sounds so familiar.

  5. Mark Kavanagh says:

    the 1st iphone will look like the 1000th iphone

  6. waxo86 says:

    I don`t think headphone jack is dead, I mean is a standard even in some
    (not all) profesional audio devices (at least the 1/4), so not because
    apple stop using it, it will die.

  7. The Punisher says:

    do you ever worry that someone can send you a package with c4 rigged to
    blow when opened? ?

  8. siimsimsiim says:

    Bye bye headphone jack

  9. GooniesGaming says:

    Are you sure this is legit? iPhone 7 won’t release until sept

  10. ɮoʊnċɛ օʄʄ says:

    Galaxy S7 OR iPhone 7?

  11. Duncan Lao says:

    Am I the only one who hates Apple cancelling the headphone jack?

  12. Bright Soundz says:

    i prefer the square box design ie the flat sides rather than the rouned

  13. David Dautovic says:

    Congrats for 4 Million Unboxers
    Nice man! Keep on going just like this!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)

  14. Sashrik Sribhashyam (Rick) says:

    Did he just get 4 million subs?

  15. Andrius Kvailys says:

    4 million subs now, good luck getting more :D

  16. JRcheesburger says:

    to me it looks like cutouts for two sets of speakers

  17. zuppa! says:

    “iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7?”

    LG V10

  18. TheRazorArmy says:

    If Apple wanted to keep going thinner, while keeping a dedicated headphone
    jack, they could always make it a 2.5mm jack instead of a 3.5mm jack.

  19. Dakota Wessman says:

    No I want my headphone jack

  20. Adrian Lopez says:

    iphone 7