iPhone 7 Water Test! Secretly Waterproof?

iPhone 7 Water Test! Secretly Waterproof?

Ultimate iPhone 7 Water Test. How Deep Can It Go? Can You Swim With It? Secretly Waterproof?

iPhone 7 Drop Test: http://goo.gl/HaqjQ4
iPhone 7 Scratch Test: http://goo.gl/JVy43I

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20 Responses

  1. Sterben says:

    1 view 13 like i FUCKING LOVE YOUTUVE

  2. Cool Dude says:

    That dog that walked in your garage ?

  3. Cam Newton #MVP says:

    This hurt me to watch, he just took a brand new iPhone 7 and put it in
    water :(

  4. andre mansour says:

    So I can take a 15 minute shower while watching YouTube videos and it will
    be fine

  5. Abdi Abdi says:

    So u mean to tell me I can jack off in the shower???

  6. Spaciepoo says:

    You are covering the charging port for the iphone and you put tape over the
    speakers :/

  7. Miguel Marleau says:

    it dosent help that the lightning jack is pretty much coverd up

  8. AdiiL Elmotawakil says:

    It survived more than 8 hours according to iFixit !!

  9. Noah Zahn says:

    But aren’t u making it more water proof by putting it on a charging stand?
    Thus covering up the most vulnerable part??

  10. CarmelloFellow says:

    i heard that you shouldnt take it into the shower. its not waterproof and
    apparently steam is a lot easier for it to harm a device if it isnt 100%
    waterproof. love to see a test on that tho. DO A STEAM TEST :D

  11. Derek says:

    Jet black looks sexy wet!

  12. Brandon Avery says:

    I’m just happy I finally got to see him shirtless.

  13. David Martinez says:

    When you find out your trusty tech helper is buff

  14. Darnelle Scott says:

    He’s cute.

  15. Hans Adam says:

    “Not long Enough”
    ~that’s what she said…

  16. Pablo Velazquez Gutierrez says:

    Why the bee didn’t stung you? ?

  17. ameer altirawi says:

    Wow you saved mr.bee with iPhone 7
    Next time save an elephant with iPad Pro

  18. Joanne The Scammer says:

    Why can’t I reply to replies anymore? This update is becoming shit.

  19. HenryTheFox says:

    When your here for the iPhone and everyone else is here for his body ?!??

  20. Alison Jouets says:

    Funny how men go on vids of women in bikinis and make sexual comments but
    when women do the same on a vid of a man shirtless all of the men slut
    shame them…