iPhone “Gates” Explained!

iPhone “Gates” Explained!

#beautygate. #chargegate. #bendgate. What do they all have in common?

Official Apple Antennagate statement: https://apple.com/newsroom/2010/07/02Letter-from-Apple-Regarding-iPhone-4/

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77 Responses

  1. chΓΈke says:

    I’m looking for that one Apple fanboy with an extremely long comment.

  2. Lotrioni says:

    haha their letters sounds like they are written by donald trump

  3. Sorenkair says:

    7:00 that’s a vaporizer exploding btw, not a phone.

    • Pfitz says:

      Same kind of battery detonation. Detonating a lithium battery regardless. They always behave that way when they fail catastrophically. If you wrap one brick of c4 in blue paper and another in red the explosive is still c4 even if the wrapper is different.

      I’m sure he was unaware that it wasn’t a note 7.

    • Nothing Worthy says:

      +iElectryXi come on, whether it be a video of note 7 or not the issue of exploding phone was admitted by Samsung, what’s the point of whining about it. It was made for better video presentation.

    • Chase says:

      +Pfitz only difference is the size.. most Vapes hold twice the mah than cell phone batteries, up to 7,000 mah. The difference between a vaporizer and a cell phone blowing up isn’t very comparable

    • Pfitz says:

      +Chase a vast majority of them are the same size as a cell phone battery. Anything in the larger range is enthusiast level or beyond. The same goes for phones. There are 15000 plus mAh batteries available for phones like the note 4 which had swappable batteries. I carry around a 25000 mAh charger in my bag every day. That’s bigger than anything you’re going to be finding in a pocketable vape.

      So yeah they’re comparable because they’re the same batteries.

      Also if your vape holds a 7500 mAh lithium battery you aren’t simply pocketing it. It’s larger and heavier than most phones at that point just because of the size requirement of a battery that large.

    • Harfel Jaquez says:

      It looks like some people are biased here. I watch literally every MKBHD video and I love the guy but I don’t appreciate that he missed that detail. A friend jokingly sent me a video of a “Note 7” lighting up in sparks life a firework in a woman’s purse and it took me less than five minutes to look around and figure out that it was a vaporizer. Those burn with lots of sparks whereas the Samsung batteries would simmer slowly melt the phone with zero sparks. Marques works with a team, they should have done their research.
      For the average idiot the flashier the burning proccess the worst the problem caused by Samsung seems. The way the phones actually burned probably did cause more damage than the vaporizers but that’s not an excuse to put the worst clip you can find of something burning in someone’s pocket as something it’s not. As I remember most of the phones would burn while charging anyway. He should pin a comment clarifying it.

  4. Mayuresh Patil India says:

    How? When? What? He defended Apple guys? Sarcasm? y’all forget that?

  5. Joseph Le says:

    Apple: The reason why a fast charger isn’t included is because we’re pushing innovation. Introducing: Surprise Charging!

  6. Danny says:

    iPhone requires too many dollar bills.
    Bill Gates? πŸ€¨πŸ€”

  7. Super Fan says:

    “Am i the only one who was laughing my ass off through this entire video?”

  8. Shory Aayush99 says:

    Apple itself is a *gate*

  9. Subscribe Me For No Reason says:

    Bill Gates is the best gate that happened to apple

    Damn worst pun ever

  10. Caped Baldy says:

    Can we just like. Stop purchasing apple products?

  11. ky sputnik says:

    So what is “Bill Gates”? πŸ€”

  12. Enigmasuhail says:

    Wat happens if ur iphone is already out of charge n there is no tap left to wake it up

  13. lut rayan says:

    Apple next year :- Pay per charge.

  14. Yohan Lobo says:

    My name is *MKBHD*
    I am *MKBHD*
    I *M* KBHD

  15. HydrotypeR says:

    You missed *NOTCHGATE*

  16. Vanessa Braxton says:

    Y’all stupid if this sounds like he’s β€œdefending” Apple πŸ˜‚ he sitting here dissing Apple and somehow you guys can’t see it because he brought up a bad phone made by Samsung. πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

  17. Wer Tzu says:

    Gotta love Marques getting sarcastic πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  18. Abhineet Singh says:

    This is happening because you are using 3rd party electricity. Contact your nearest power plant to supply your home iPower, the best ever electricity produced by turbines from Apple and transmitted to your home with iWires.

  19. Emma Taylor I MΓ…STURΠ’Γ‚TÈ MY PUSSY TAPME! says:


  20. Jacopo Barberis says:

    3:46 I would be more concerned about why I’m about to die

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