iPhone SE 2020 Released! Everything New

iPhone SE 2020 Released! Everything New

New iPhone SE 2 is FINALLY HERE! Here’s every new feature. Apple A13 chip, 12MP camera, Product RED, Touch ID & $399 Price! Amazing.

The BEST iPhone SE 2020 case!

Apple Watch Series 6 Leaks.

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82 Responses

  1. K Finesse says:

    5:05 “ I ordered one but oh boy did it hurt my wallet nearly $400 “ that’s coming from a millionaire

  2. Anthony José says:

    A shame they discontinued a lot of the colours for the leather and silicone cases :/

  3. Benjamín Mendoza says:

    Title: “Everything new”
    Phone: body of the 8
    Camera of the XR
    Processor of the 11
    *Edit: oh, they also recycled the name lol

    • MadMaxJuggernaut says:

      @RebelRedRollo like 90% of the users won’t even fully use their phone to the full potential of the phone. It really baffles me that you’re defending this scam

    • mynameiscarlosjr _ says:


    • Salza says:

      Benjamin Márk Zelicicovici I don’t think Apple wanted to “innovate” I think they wanted to compete with other phone sellers who have good phones at that price

    • Erwin Iskandar says:

      Skip to this, keep my iPhone SE for another year.

    • EDWIN CDY says:

      MadMaxJuggernaut also note that most of the users don’t care about OLED, bezeless design (I was actually shocked when I found out a few of my friends hated the bezeless design of phones [no brand specific], I asked them why and they just said they like their boxy phone), new fancy stuff in general. Majority of people use their phone until it fails completely, and that’s about 5-6 years usage (my brother it still using 6s and my mum 7, they don’t plan on changing anytime soon unless something happened to the phone), that’s when A13 comes into play. When people think about new chipset they always think about, ahhh game fast, ahh open apps fast, ahh video export fast, ahh no one will use the full potential of the chip, but no one ever thinks about power efficiency in new chip = longer battery life, and future proofing/ software support for many years to come.

  4. Lavitra Dahal says:

    What do you do with a 4.7″ screen in this day and age??

  5. Mewantsnax __ says:

    “4.7 inches” – that is a number that I have not heard in a long time.

  6. oof oof says:

    5:05 “oh boy did it hurt my wallet”

    but you can buy like 3 iphones for a video

  7. Ethan_ McFly says:

    apple: *makes affordable phone*
    2020: *literally dogshit*
    these are confusing times

  8. adrian tovias says:

    Everything apple pro: “Oh boy did it hurt my wallet, nearly four hundred dollars for the magic keyboard”
    Me after watching his house tour: Of course.. of course..

  9. hotdognobun says:

    SE: Stimulus Edition

  10. Tony Rodriguez says:

    someone count how many times he says “same chasis” 🤣🤣🤣

  11. JR FURY says:

    WELL I KNOW WHERE MY STIMULUS CHECK IS GOING – forget rent, bills, insurance, food, supplies,, I need a new phone with incremental upgrades.

  12. Vishnu Sankar says:

    Like a legend once said,
    “An apple product a year,
    Makes all your money disappear”….

  13. OakcubeR says:

    “It hurt my wallet” says the guy that buys multiple iPhone 11’s for a drop test

  14. Angel Hernandez says:

    “iPhone 11 pro called it wants it chip back”

    Dude a budget phone with that chipset is amazing

  15. John GoogleUser says:

    Rumours: amazing bezeless display
    Reality: Apple rereleases phone from 2014

    • mitt romney says:

      i dont remember iphones from 2014 having glass back, wireless charging and an a13 chip :p

    • Marka Ragnos says:

      John GoogleUser this is the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day. First off, no one was speculating that the SE 2020 would have a bezeless display, and secondly, I don’t think the SE 2020 and my current iPhone 6 have anything in common with one another, aside from form factor.

  16. Robo-senpai says:

    Everythingapplepro: “it hurts my wallet”
    Everyone in the comment section: wait that’s illegal

    • Luke Andre says:

      Yeah considering he buys multiple of every iPhone that comes out then drop test and scratch tests them😂😂

  17. Saimiri Ray says:

    Apple really wants their long customers to switch to the newer phones, 229$ with iPhone trade in.. that’s crazy cheap for the specs.

    • Gregory Rose III says:

      Saimiri Ray absolutely, and how many is this going to introduce people to the Apple ecosystem? I won’t be surprised if they do a promo for a bit off a Apple Watch when you buy the new iPhone. It would be a smart move.

    • erdaltv says:

      there is no plus model so no from me

    • Marco Polo says:

      erdaltv well the phone is for those who prefer the smaller model iphones

  18. DJTech says:

    EAP: “Oh boy did it hurt my wallet, nearly $400 [for the Magic Keyboard]”
    Me: *wait… isn’t that the price of the new iPhone SE?*

  19. Rob827 says:

    Me: why did my iPhone 8 break after a wash in the tap when it’s IP67
    Online support forums expert: you are holding it wrong
    Just admit it, some devices have defective seals.

  20. Madhuri Patil says:

    World:- *Going through a pandemic* , *Economy is at it lowest*
    Apple:- It’s new iPhone time

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