iPhone SE (2020) Review: It All Adds Up!

iPhone SE (2020) Review: It All Adds Up!

iPhone SE might be the most important thing Apple’s made this year.
iPhone SE: https://www.apple.com/iphone-se/
iPhone SE cases: https://dbrand.com/iphone-se-case

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Intro Track: http://youtube.com/20syl
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61 Responses

  1. CerealBro1 says:

    This phone definitely seems like what I’m going to buy next year. I’ve got an iPhone 7 that I got brand new and absolutely love it. The fact that when I upgrade next year I’ll be able to reuse my case as well as have the same processor as the most powerful phone for a really cheap price is awesome. I find it funny that a couple years ago the narrative was that iPhones are expensive and over priced, but I feel if anything the value proposition has increased

    • im drunk says:

      Jon Sampley it’s also the most powerful phone in all of existence rn. so I don’t see your point :shrug:

    • Dante's Inferno says:

      The point is this tech is gonna be outdated in a year and a half. We’ll have better camera, better processors, better storage tech etc. To pay 400 dollars for this is akin to buying an Xbox one these days. They have no competitive edge in the market, neither with price nor with the stuff they offer.

    • Jon Sampley says:

      @Dante’s Inferno I agree I’m not going to buy it but it is really made as a budget phone and not a performance phone.

    • Geras Katinas says:

      @im drunk what do you mean by powerful?

    • Indian Scam Association ISA says:

      it has… but a lot of Android phones in this price point still have way better specs

  2. Jamal Harrison says:

    Damn those edits starting at 8:06 are crazy nice. It looks like you’re swapping presets making a character in a video game. Just pops in as you select a new phone. It’s the subtle things

  3. Erik Braga says:

    well, SE could also stand for “Solid Edition” after your review 🙂
    nice phone and review. thanks !

  4. Drew Schmanke says:

    Dude that intro music be hitting good with my headphone.


    Covid vaccine came out
    MKBHD: so I’ve had been testing this vaccine for about a month now, here’s what I think

    • TheDasher 24 says:

      JUAN GOMEZ Man I didn’t know there were people like you too stupid to think COVID-19 is fake and just a thing to correct the stock market.

    • Fawaz Mahin says:

      @JUAN GOMEZ let me guess, you are one of the flatard as well!

    • JUAN GOMEZ says:

      Fawaz Mahin let me guess! You are one of those who believe all the FAKE garbage that you hear and see on TV?? LOL

    • Fawaz Mahin says:

      @JUAN GOMEZ yes! And apart from that some real school & University education too. Tell me Juan do you regret about your previous comments? Is that why you are deleting those one by one!

    • Infinos Gaming says:

      Bros just chill 😂😂😂 why are all taking a simple joke seriously

  6. Sean Peifer says:

    Normal person: *Pulls our phone and looks at home screen.*
    Marques: *Pulls out phone and looks at the back.*

  7. JEEPS R US says:

    Such a strange release. Long awaited SE 2. lol

  8. Sutar Sarfaraz says:

    2:22 Yeah it’s good to have manoeuvrable phone coz we are going on race track with iphone SE 2 🤓

    • Autunite says:

      I mean, I can barely pedal properly on a bike with my Mate 20 Pro in my pocket. I’m definitely getting a smaller phone next time.

  9. Vishal says:

    Watching 4k on 480p locked youtube, wow.

  10. highlanderes says:

    Maybe even more important, with the first xr xs etc. all around me I heard people deciding to leave the platform unless minimum pricing options went down drastically again.

  11. Zein Zeinelabedin says:

    I love how he is now flexing how early he gets to use them phones 😂.

  12. Shiveshin Pillay says:

    Mkbhd: I’ve been using this phone for a week now
    Lew: Hey, when do those masks get here?

  13. Thndr_ says:

    Apple every year: 8:19
    Everyone: *Take my money*

  14. gyasi sutton says:

    This is the 400 remote for all of my camera gear that I’ve been waiting for

  15. Melchizedek Ramirez says:

    Others: getting excited to buy the new iphone.
    Me: watching this on my iphone 5c 🙂

  16. Maxine Ying says:

    Last video: I haven’t gotten my hands in this phone yet
    Me: (confused)

    This video: So I’ve been using this phone for a week now…
    Me: Ahhh… that’s more like it

  17. WICKED JESTR says:

    He opens box and sees a packed phone anda says to his friend i have been using it sice 1 week

  18. Junaid Ahmad says:

    Me: *hears the intro*
    Also me: hey, that’s my beat, I created that in the bed

  19. Berkeli says:

    MKBHD: “dbrand has got YOU covered, literally”
    My mom: why are you dressed as a mummy?

  20. Mr SciTech says:

    *Girlfriend After Sex: “So, how was it?”*
    *MKBHD: “Solid, but not Amazing!”*

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