iPhone Xr vs Xs/Xs Max – Which Should You Buy?

iPhone Xr vs Xs/Xs Max – Which Should You Buy?

Tough Choice, iPhone Xr vs iPhone Xs & Xs Max. Is iPhone Xs or Xs Max Worth The $250-350 Premium? Which Should You Buy & Why.

iPhone Xs Features Review: https://youtu.be/WoZToDGaJsA
iPhone Xs Max Clone Unboxing: https://youtu.be/YDvG4tr_w_g
iPhone Xr Clone Unboxing: https://youtu.be/LuX5lROjL9k

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84 Responses

  1. Appu and Shivanna FC says:

    At this price I will buy 2 one plus 6

  2. Shiva Jaiswal says:

    *Apple say that he lauched budget iPhone in india but i know apple ever not launched budget iPhone in india but my budget for iPhone xr is 50k but in india is too expensive 76k so sad heaet breaking same on you appleπŸ™πŸ™*

  3. Pink Quartz says:

    I’m surprised you don’t think the XR is a good deal it’s the phone XS with an LCD display and one camera

    • Trevor Mcreynolds says:

      Honestly I think it’s great deal you even get better battery life. Yeah if your willing to sacrifice a few features the XR is the best bang for the buck

    • suril soni says:

      The display is really bad on that
      All the other companies offer better display with 50% lower price
      Also the tax, apple care and all

  4. GoAnimation says:

    the question is, should you upgrade from x to xs?

  5. D0MTheSauceG0D says:

    Well I can totally have the iPhone xr right (wink,wink)πŸ˜‰i just looks dope and in my opinion the r is just absolute fire

  6. A.D.A.J ahmed says:

    this is how much Apple think of us. I am not buying an iPhone until I see real improvements

  7. David Heath says:

    Great stuff as usual….so many ads though from youtube on this one…very annoying

    • dj aero1 says:

      adblock that shit ma dude

    • Tiffy Moore says:

      David Heath that’s alright! When I first discovered YouTube because I was using an app called YouPlayer and I could watch videos but I couldn’t comment or anything like that but you player started to fuck up big time, and I couldn’t watch things for awhile so I discovered YouTube as in the app as I have to use an iPhone as I can’t see however I didn’t know how to do it because it became YouTube premium back in January I think of this year even though I was doing it through Google at the time until that point so anyway I then started to do it through iTunes and it’s $20 although I wish that it didn’t cost that much but at least I know how to do it with voice-over πŸ™‚

    • Tiffy Moore says:

      no need to get pissed off at me! I wasn’t sure whether you were meaning the ads on the channel or the YouTube add some selves, as I am totally blind I can’t see the ads actually pop up on the channel as opposed to the YouTube ads the pop-up as you’re trying to watch a video if you get me! So please don’t yell at me

    • SalvaThor says:

      Finally I got my iPhone Xs here sites.google.com/site/iPhoneXsOfficial

    • Bright Osei says:

      SalvaThor lier!!

  8. lalit bawa says:

    *Why buy this newer version of apple’s iphone when you can book a hotel at 10% off on trivago*

  9. Stefan A. says:

    Iphone X is now worth to buy.

    • Babe don't Care :3 says:

      Sadly, iPhone X discontinued.

    • Luka Bulatovic says:

      Babe don’t Care :3 of course, almost the same as Xs just much cheaper. It would’ve been a bit of a stretch justifying the purchase of Xs at that price when you can have almost the same thing for a few hundred dollars less. And of course, it would cannibalize the sales of XR.

    • Stefan A. says:

      Doesnt matter u dont need to buy iphone x at apple store only, other stores have it and will have it for next one year for sure, so u can relax and buy one for same price as iphone xr, the most useless iphone that come out since iphone 5c.

  10. Devin Yiu says:

    I can buy a used car for the price of a fully loaded iPhone Xs Max, I rather take the car

  11. Ranson Tham says:

    R is a step back from the S, if you look at the English alphabet.

  12. Darren Lines says:

    I have to say, I disagree. I’m not blown away by what Apple have brought to the table compared to the leaks. Overall, I think the X[R] is the best option as the only difference in real terms is the screen quality, which will still be great on the X[R], and the missing 2nd lens on the camera. In reality a slightly thicker bezel means nothing, it still looks good. Also, before the unveiling you were touting this a s THE phone to go for, but now after the even that’s changed, even though out of all the iphones released, the X[R] surpasses the leaks whereas the X[S] is a tad underwhelming.

    To start, the iPhone 9/10 lite/X[R] was touted as having the A11 chipset and keeping the camera from the iPhone 8, it’s in fact shipping with the newest generation A12 bionic, which to me is where all the advancements have come, and the same wide angle camera as the X[S]. Funny how the X[R] has surpassed expectations but is now a let down!?

    The X[S] in comparison is a let down. Sure you get a better screen, but in reality, if you’re coming from an iPhone 8 or 8 plus, it’s still a better screen in the X[R]. The 2nd camera lens is a good feature, however I still feel let down. One. Of the biggest let downs for me is why still a 64gb entry storage option! For these prices 128gb should be the minimum, it would have made the X[S] a more attractive upgrade to the X[R], offering a practical reason for spending the extra over things that can just be taken or left.

    Where are the fast charging adapters? The new iPhones are still shipping with the same old slow chargers!

    Where was the hyped price drop. The X[R] was rumoured to be a $699 phone, the X[S] $899, and the X[S] Max $999! This pricing model would have been much more attractive to buyers, especially seeing the reductions in production costs Apple have found with these phones. I guess they just want to keep all that extra profit.

    Honestly, I think this review is a little too fanboy, and you should compare what was released to what was expected and delivered. To me the only phone to exceed the predictions was the X[R], the others didn’t meet the expectations. Don’t just let your eyes be deceived by the OLED (which has its own issues with burn in and the PWM lighting), and assess the phones equally. I don’t think that the X[S] does enough to justify the price premium, as it’s all about that A12 bionic.

  13. Manpreet Singh says:

    After I saw the price of iPhone R. My reaction was ‘holy shit’. It’s very cheapπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  14. The YouTube show says:

    Who else reckons these phones are to expensive

  15. humaiyoon sheikh says:

    i phone r is lcdπŸ˜‚ thats why is price is low than max

  16. EZ says:

    I’ll stick with my 8 plus πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  17. Mr Blank says:

    I always check your videos when the Iphones are released because I always thoguht you had the consumer in mind etc. But not this time… I don’t know if it’s the fame or what, but do you realize the price for these devices? this is insane. Last year you were talking about the fact that the X model was over 1k USD (which is a lot) now it has increased immensely and you are standing there saying that they are great phones to buy, that you save 250$ here and there by taking the Xr. HOW CAN YOU STAND THERE WITH THAT SMUG FACE AND TRY TO SELL THIS OVERPRICED SHIT WITHOUT ANY REAL CRITICISM. Stand up for the consumer and yourself and critique the downsides, you are simply ignoring them or mentioning them briefly, when they are important!
    Your fanbase is wide and international and the pricing on the “MAX” is sickening since I know Apples insane profit margin. This is the pricing in Scandinavia (Norway and Sweden for example).
    Max 64 – 12 690 NOK (1536.96 USD)
    Max 256 – 14 490 NOK (1754.97 USD)
    Max 512 – 16 790 NOK (2033.53 USD)
    This is outrageous!

    • Mr Blank says:

      I have the iPhone 8 Plus and my message was written out of some frustration since I felt like he undertoned some elements like pricing and poor screen on the Xr. I felt like he always was down to earth when talking about tech but the fact that he doesn’t even blink at the fact that a iphone cost this much is mind blowing to me.
      I still love the guy though and I of course people can buy the previous models at a decent price.

    • Clorox Bleach says:

      Can someone tell me the price of the 32gb iPhone 7 right now, since the price has decreased.

    • DON Urameshi says:

      Clorox Bleach I think it’s 499 now but check the website

    • DON Urameshi says:

      Mr Blank Yea I can I understand where you’re coming from.

    • LinusMLGTips says:

      +DON Urameshi That’s not the point. Defending a trillion dollar corporation makes no sense. It doesn’t benefit anyone. I thought tech was supposed to get cheaper, not more expensive for miniscule improvements. $1100 for a phone is rediculous.

  18. PHO NOODLES says:

    waiting for 2019 bulletproof Iphone XS Hi-End πŸ˜‚starting $ 1399/$1499 512GB/1TB

  19. Edwin says:

    Keeping my 7 Plus! So happy when I see 1000$ each year with me, not given for very small changes

  20. Dalius Brusokas says:

    Just make a video X vs Xr. I’m considering between these two.

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