iPhone XS and XS Max review

iPhone XS and XS Max review

Apple’s new iPhone XS and XS Max are familiar territory with two key updates: a faster processor and an upgraded camera. Oh, and the XS Max has the largest screen ever found on an iPhone. But is that enough to justify the very high cost of the best iPhones you can buy?

Correction: Nilay misspoke! The iPhone XS Max has a 6.5-inch display, not 6.8. The XS has a 5.8, and the XR has a 6.1.

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76 Responses

  1. The Verge says:

    I misspoke! The iPhone XS Max has a 6.5-inch display, not 6.8. The XS has a 5.8, and the XR has a 6.1. — Nilay

    • jamal zak says:

      Oh really! You just misspoke only about the that. Waste of time. After all the trash talk about a iPhone the guy will whip out a Iphone in a crowd just to show off. These people do exist. #takeoutandroidsausageoutofurmouth

    • S Saini says:

      Hmm the images from the Xs look better to me than the Pixel 2

    • Andrew Jones says:

      4:01 “Please change this to wake plus *power* down haha! Great review tho, balanced.. fair play. Cheers.

  2. NZ Street BEATS says:

    Really want to drop some money on the latest iPhone .. but I don’t see the point as my 6s is still SOOO GOOD

    • Teenage Mutant Piana Turtle says:

      NZ Street BEATS I have a 6S and i think it will be worth it for us to upgrade since our model is 3 years old. We’ll definitely notice the updates on the camera and speed. I wouldn’t upgrade if I was already using an X.

    • Chris Perry says:

      I’m upgrading this year from my 6s but my battery life is absolutely terrible and we just had it replaced by Apple last year.

    • The Ace of Spades says:

      Ok, that’s fine, that’s your choice chill

    • Ethan Caine says:

      I’m using a 6s right now, and preordered the Xs with 256 gb. I CANT WAIT UNTIL THE 21ST!!!

  3. mohammed alkhatim says:

    this review says: “there’s absolutely nothing that feels improved”

    • N. Roy Singh says:

      +Chromosome Catcher keep dreaming more like 0.25%

    • N. Roy Singh says:

      +Mlordy Percentages that your spouting mean nothing in real world. You just wont notice it. All phones are fast “enough.”

    • Mlordy says:

      N. Roy Singh I’m informed by Gary Explains & Digital Foundry, you can’t know better than them. Watch the link above to understand why A12 is currently the most powerful processor, SD 845 & Exynos 9810 are inferior compared to it. You will notice performance difference especially in heavy Apps & games because they fully utilize your device, so a 1000 points & higher gap will make a difference.

    • Ibrahim Camara says:

      +juilan Rhodes a 720p camera? My 400 dollar zte has a 1080p camera

  4. Aubin Moraes says:

    I’ll still pick the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  5. sanka samarasinghe says:

    I would really love to marry an iPhone user cause they seem to be happy with absolutely nothing

  6. AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

    👏 11:56 to the idea of fish animation on screen under water test 👏 brilliant!

  7. Somanshu Kumar says:

    Finally ‘S’ series are back
    But name of iPhone Xs Max
    Will be iPhone Xs Plus that will be great

  8. AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

    Pretty well balanced review – thanks

  9. EritreanMusiq says:

    Get rid of the notch and bring back the 16:9 screen ratio and headphone jack and I will bite.

    • Alpha Raine says:

      Plugging in headphones once every two weeks to charge is much easier than plugging in headphones every single time you want to use the,m.

    • OctoPool says:

      Alpha Raine But that’s your headphones not everyone else, and most people who does use iPhones have air pods and the battery is good but not good enough to last like two whole days.

    • OctoPool says:

      Thomas Galland I know Apple isn’t consumer friendly, this is why I don’t like using iPhones there is only one reason I would get an iPhone and that’s for iMessage but I wouldn’t need it cuz I pay my phone bill every month and it’s literally the same messaging app like a Samsung just with a few features (wifi)

    • Ag3nt0fCha0s says:

      +Alpha Raine because they are; cheaper
      music can be purer without being transmitted
      they burn less phone battery
      they NEVER run out of battery
      they are less thief bait
      they are universally available
      there is greater variety
      they do not suffer transmission interruption.
      they can be used on planes.


      I use both types btw.

    • Alpha Raine says:

      1. They are typically cheaper, yes (but McDonald’s is cheaper than Maestro’s, know what I mean?)
      2. Yes, on a very audiophilic level. Bluetooth 5.0 is excellent and it’s almost impossible to hear the difference
      3. That’s just not true. Wireless headphones provide their own power, wired headphones have to draw from the phone. It uses more than having Bluetooth on.
      4. Lol yes (but you have to plug them in every time)
      5. True, but I’ve never had my nice headphones stolen? Ever? That’s a rare situation
      6. Not really. More and more phones and devices are eliminating the headphone jack and substituting wireless.
      7. There is more than enough variety in wireless headphones than anyone could ever ask for? Non issue.
      8. Good wireless headphones don’t either.
      9. Who, under the age of 60, uses a plane TV instead of their phone or tablet?

      I also use both btw. My headphones have a 3.5mm jack and included a cable for use whenever I want to (and I have the lightning adapter permanently connected to it, so it’s basically part of the cable). Wired is nice as an option but if I had to choose between one it’s not even a competition.

  10. Roman Alexander says:

    The iPhone 10 literally introduced nothing new to the phone world lol

  11. George_E says:

    4:00 that was fixed in iOS 12, the official release was yesterday

  12. Maroof Juneja says:

    People are interested in that purple wallpaper only😂😂

  13. godsslave777 says:

    I don’t like the notch , or the camera hump .

  14. T 845 says:

    1000 dolar phone?
    Noooo thanks

  15. André MC says:

    Nothing to see in the comment section. Just android users wasting their time, commenting on a video about a product from a company they don‘t like.
    You don‘t like iPhones? Fine. You think a less expensive android phone works better for you? Great! But you are all so damn insecure that every year you have to come back and leave salty comments because you cannot accept that there are people that still prefer the iPhone over every android phone.

    • LAR Rodriglu says:

      Don’t act like it’s not the same way around. Check yourself…

    • Naomi Shaughnessy says:

      We only come here to see if iOS is different from its first iteration and every year we leave knowing our platform is extremely superior and enhanced for the user not the seller.

    • Victor A says:

      André MC lol you think apple users have eve had their hand on a good android? Most are stuck in the apple ecosystem and won’t be able to get out

  16. Sheena1234ization says:


  17. JustSomeDude-Gaming says:

    2:55 flexing on us with that email count…

  18. Abdul Basit Shaikh says:


    iPhone XS & XS Max AREN’T for people who *already* use an ‘iPhone X’. They are, as is the case with every new iPhone, aimed at people coming from OLDER iPhones (such as 7, 6s or even 5s/5).

    The idea that Apple makes iPhones ONLY for those who bought *last year’s* iPhone is INSANE. You don’t buy an iPhone *every year* (!) unless you are a famous Youtuber or are filthy rich.

    MOST people that buy one use their iPhone for AT LEAST 2-3 years (some for ‘5’ years, even) before upgrading. Unlike Android flagships, iPhones are traditionally extremely future-proof: the ‘5S’, which released all the way back in *2013*, is STILL getting software updates & running smooth as butter in ‘2018’.

    So.. The industry-first ‘7 nm processor’, the ‘8-core ML neural engine’, the crazy-powerful GPU & ALL the other super hardware upgrades that might seem ‘overkill’ *today* are actually there, IRONICALLY enough, so ‘people WON’T need to buy a new iPhone for the next few years’..

    Reviewers always fail to take all that into account & end up judging the latest iPhone *purely* in relation to how it stacks up against its immediate predecessor: So they simply quote the ‘15%’ jump in this and ‘30%’ boost in that. They don’t see the ‘300%’ jump that someone coming from a 5S or 6 would experience. Shallow A….F.

    While long-time customers, aka the MAJORITY of iPhone buyers, understand Apple’s long-term approach & ignore these reviews.

    Which is *precisely* why iPhone sales are NEVER affected by reviews, however negative or even positive they might be. Cuz for the most part, they’re ‘unrelatable’.

    • runbmp says:

      I don’t know… I was hoping to finally upgrade my 7plus…and what a let down…

    • Klaus Klaus says:


    • Hel Son says:

      I’m an android user (Pixel) and I haven’t had an iPhone since the iPhone 3gs but a lot of my family and friends have iPhones and they rarely upgrade. Definitely, normal buyers won’t be upgrading yearly that’s why they’re more inclined to buy the new and more expensive model when they do upgrade. Plus Apple is turning into a luxury brand and it helps Apple that many celebrities use iPhones. But, if the prices keep increasing like this, normal consumers would switch to Android.

    • MR YUP says:

      Abdul Basit Shaikh lol I gave my fast iPhone 4s to a relative and he was all crazy. Apples phones are built to last long. I like all tech, android is fantastic too. Different OS and therefore a lot to discover. I’m able to achieve downloading of movies, videos, YouTube and converting it to music. Both phones are great.

    • MR YUP says:

      Roko Krstičević it’s not a joke, I have a 4s and even that was fast.

  19. lexie ingram says:

    I can’t lie. I liked the iPhone xs photos better

  20. kult_deyo_DHA says:

    Friendship ended with Apple, Google is my friend now – verge

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