iPhone XS vs XS Max DROP Test! Worlds Strongest Glass!

iPhone XS vs XS Max DROP Test! Worlds Strongest Glass!

iPhone XS vs XS Max Brutal DROP Test. Is It Really The Worlds Strongest Glass EVER? Both Incredible & Disappointing Results.

iPhone XS Water Test: https://youtu.be/4LMqqJKbLfA
iPhone XS Unboxing: https://youtu.be/d_Z1Ze4ewj0

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48 Responses

  1. EverythingApplePro says:

    The iPhone XS water test is finally up!! https://youtu.be/4LMqqJKbLfA

  2. patrice bernardo says:

    *drops the phone*



  3. Goh Zhi Hao says:

    Drops the freaking expensive phone

    Me dropping an iPhone.
    *Mom I sold mine already, can I have your kidney?*

  4. Y. Bakshi says:

    Phone drops, EverythingApplePro: Oof *roblox death sounds*

  5. NAVED MEER says:

    Everythingapplepro is Smart didn’t waste the whole video just for unboxing

  6. Jack Pesek says:

    The first thought that comes into his mind after getting the brand new $1100 iPhone it is not to review it, but to drop it until it gets totally demolished.

  7. Chandra prasad says:

    *That back glass costs only 600$*

  8. Aditya Tunes says:

    I wait for this video every year 😄

  9. Anonymous Everywhere says:

    Even if it’s the most durable glass. Glass is still glass

  10. SystemRichie says:

    Can I have one of those Apple headphones? Mine is giving some problems lol

  11. Saud Millwala says:

    Apple: “World’s strongest glass”
    EverythingApplePro: “wOrLdS sTrOnGeSt GlAsS”

  12. master shifu says:


  13. Erc C says:

    ”Lets go ahead and introduce them to the ground”

  14. なみ says:

    9:23 somehow I call bs cuz from hearing the sound of the drop, it even hurts to hear

  15. Graffiti kingdom says:

    $1000 doller phone, shattered! Ahh this is super priceless

  16. Gygeh says:

    Apple: _’Most durable glass ever’_
    Nokia: *HOLD MY BEER*

    (Yes I know their screens are plastic, but i bet if they made them glass they would still be strong)

  17. hungryrobloxian1000 says:

    My favorite part is when you dropped the phone

  18. Uilliam56 X says:

    “Most durable glass ever”…
    Rip Apple 2018…

  19. Juvenile says:

    WTF 400$ to replace the back ?!!!
    Just take the back and give it to me for 600$

  20. Caleb Byrd says:

    My heart literally drops every time
    he drops the phone 😖😖😖

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