Iridium-2 Launch Webcast

Iridium-2 Launch Webcast

SpaceX is targeting launch of Iridium-2 from Space Launch Complex 4E (SLC-4E) at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The instantaneous launch window is at 1:25 p.m. PDT, or 20:25 UTC, on Sunday, June 25. A backup launch opportunity opens at 1:19 p.m. PDT, or 20:19 UTC, on Monday, June 26.

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will deliver 10 satellites to low-Earth orbit for Iridium, a global leader in mobile voice and data satellite communications. This is the second set of 10 satellites in a series of 75 total satellites that SpaceX will launch for Iridium’s next generation global satellite constellation, Iridium® NEXT. The satellites will begin deployment about an hour after launch.

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20 Responses

  1. CONTRA says:

    John Insprucker is the best webcast announcer.

  2. IAmAPerson _ says:

    Another perfect launch, and loved the landing footage

  3. Jarrett Gates says:

    Thank you SpaceX for an awesome doubleheader weekend, it was great that the landing defied expectations and went (almost) perfectly!

  4. John T says:

    Elon for supreme ruler!

  5. Joseph Mensah says:

    Solid launch, thank you SpaceX!

  6. wipeoutguy says:

    186 ULA-Execs disliked….

  7. How Does it Really Work says:

    _”New titanium grid fins worked even better than expected. Should be capable of an indefinite number of flights with no service.”_ [Elon Musk twitter]

    A bonus: no ablative paint flakes to spoil the the rocketcam view of the landing.

  8. Matt Binford says:

    Good job, SpaceX!

  9. Virgil Epure says:

    UFO´s under fist stage at 24:06 and 25:38 at very high speed :O or satelites :P. By the way, what´s happening with 2nd stage after realising the satelite?

  10. mrigue56 says:

    The music for these launches is always awesome

  11. nagualdesign says:

    Skip to 19:46 for the launch (T minus 10 seconds).

  12. monster2slayer says:

    the landings get me screaming like an overly excited eight year old at disney land every single time

  13. Byron Verboort says:

    Maybe put VR cameras on the 1st stage?

  14. Chris McNab says:

    25:38 any idea what that object flying through the shot is?

  15. Toshiya Tanabe says:

    19:46 T-0:10
    22:26 First stage separation
    23:22 re-entering atmosphere
    27:31 touchdown
    1:32:09 deployment confirmed

  16. Gabriel francis says:

    Didn’t expect there to be live landing footage! Also, would anyone else like telemetry for both stages?

  17. Jishnu mohan says:

    please include speed and altitude of both first stage and second stage separately after the separation of first stage.

  18. Василий Попов says:

    Зато мы умеем петухов и сталагмиты из говна делать!

  19. Damian Winnichenko says:

    Does anyone nkow what is the music plays all the stream? )

  20. Sergey Zakuraev says:

    25:41 another satellite passing left to right. Near space becoming quite busy place.

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