Irish rowing olympics

Irish rowing olympics

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20 Responses

  1. The Mystic Gamers says:

    No joke the captions got more of what they said right than me

  2. jjjSuperHero says:

    First I listened to it on the speakers and with my fan on high next to me
    haha, I had a really hard time understanding. But all you really have to do
    is put in some ear phones and turn them up, then it comes in very clear and
    it’s easy to listen to. (And I’m English).

  3. 06109633 says:


  4. Ryan Torrence says:

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the stance of the guy on the right?

  5. Windy Windmill says:

    i’m english and I got every word

  6. ‫دقر جداً‬‎ says:

    This is what encrypted England sounds like

  7. Trevor Winstral says:

    I understood this and I’m American ?

  8. Uzumaki Naruto says:

    I haven’t been to Ireland in over 4 years and I understood every word. Well
    done lads! Wish I could come home :(

  9. Al H. says:

    I wish I could read and write in Irish.

  10. Tri Cities says:

    God you have to love the Irish spirit. Can’t understand a bloody word they
    say but you have to admire them.

  11. trxstmepapi says:

    The guy on the right is cute

  12. SkrappyX3 says:

    I love the fighting Irish

  13. guy dulac says:

    Sounds like a Cork accent to me, but you’re all missing the point – it’s
    their humour. Great double act, in more ways than one.

  14. bob diaz says:

    sow da modur n da foder n…

  15. Callum Barnes says:

    This is creasing

  16. B L A C K E R W A V E says:

    The Jamaican accent came from their dialect.

  17. ken adams says:

    SUBTITLES should be mandatory for these fuckers

  18. Hadley Pleasanton says:

    It sounds like they were rowing upside down in a vat of whiskey.

  19. this is bacon says:

    < *<*<**>*>*>

  20. The GURU says:

    What I/we can understand 100%, is seeing how proud they both are. Their
    achievements speak for themselves.

    And the one fellow with the Irish flag around his body with that silver
    medal proudly displayed on his neck…awesome!

    They worked their asses off for years and years to get there. What an
    accomplishment for them.


    Peace my friends.