Irish the Hedgehog

Irish the Hedgehog

One year later, Irish the Hedgehog is real.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Huge thank you to Mark Hughes for the artwork, Hyper Potions and Jun Senoue for the “Escape From the City” remix, and Jacksepticeye for voicing Irish the Hedgehog!

Check out Jacksepticeye:
Check out Hyper Potions:

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53 Responses

  1. fezzamond - says:

    Jack: Irish the hedgehog, sega if you make him I need to voice him haha
    Sega: aight boys here we go

  2. עידו גונן / Ido Gonen says:

    nobody gonna talk about how Hyper Potions and Jun senoue the legend worked on that background music?
    i swear if this doesn’t appear in the next game i’ll literally shit green

  3. ВанКО says:

    But then I’m thinking well with Big he’s *füwsharwweforphshorwauweshowephproshowthemehn*

  4. JunkinMcgunkin says:

    Everyone’s talking about Jack being in the video but IS THAT A BAGPIPE CITY ESCAPE IN THE BACKGROUND

  5. Spartan War118 says:

    I like how i can tell almost exactly what he’s saying but the subtitles are lost completely
    This is the best thing to have ever happened on this holiday imo

  6. Star Light says:

    Why is that character design actually so good though? Also, those SA1 references…are we really getting the remake?

  7. BobcatRacer says:

    Sonic: Gotta Go Fast!
    Irish: SPEED IS KEY!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ari Nikoloff-Kraan says:

    Damn Irish the hedgehog sure knows how to roast a guy huh

    “A few short of a full shilling”
    “Owner of the Giants causeway”

  9. Cat and A Plush says:

    Shawn Flynn and Irish the Hedgehog needs voice actors.

    Jackaboy: Allow me to introduce myself

  10. DJ Flame says:

    When they complain about the eyes being green, so you make the whole character green

  11. ᴍ ᴏ ᴏ ɴ ʟ ɪ ɢ ʜ ᴛ ᴅ ɪ ᴀ ᴍ ᴏ ɴ ᴅ 1 says:

    Me: OOH look a new hedgehog
    Me: *spits out water*

  12. Crash Schwarzenegger says:

    this is cursed but in a good way

  13. SohiHien says:

    I could see Irish driving Shadow insane with his fast talking and slang.

  14. Kid Game And React says:

    Theory: Jacksepticeye was Irish’s human form and Irish is Jack’s true form

  15. Michaela Dunley-Mason says:

    Me looking at thumbnail: “Irish the hedgehog? They should call him Jackseptichog “
    Me clicks on video and hears Sean’s/ Jacksepticeye’s voice: “YAY!!! JACK IS FINALLY A SONIC CHARACTER!!!!”🥳🥳🥳

    I make videos of Jacksepticeye going on misadventures with other YouTubers, like Dawko, Peter Knetter and Markiplier. They are in the playlist called Dawko and the Boys, if anyone would like to watch them😅

  16. Jessica Byrd says:

    When you’re an American whose watched enough Jacksepticeye that you completely understood this and laughed at the subtitles.

  17. Timmylogo says:

    Now this is what I call Irish SEGA.

  18. EarthSonicBound says:

    I literally made a joke about Jack before clicking and what happens next?

    *His voice appears.*

  19. nonocere says:

    “It’s gonna be JackSepticeye, isn’t it?”
    *clicks video*
    *Jack starts talking*
    “Damn, I’m good”

  20. Cheeki Breeki says:

    Sega: Starts new Character contest
    Some fans: “We want Sally Acorn”
    Most fans (Intellectuals): “We have Irish the Hedgehog”

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