Iron Maiden – Speed Of Light (Official Video)

Iron Maiden – Speed Of Light (Official Video)

Iron Maiden – Speed Of Light – From the new album ‘The Book Of Souls’ – out 4th September.
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Written By: Adrian Smith and Bruce Dickinson
Director: Llexi Leon
Producer: Llexi Leon
Production Company: The Brewery
Co Producer: Yaya Leone

© 2015 Iron Maiden LLP

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20 Responses

  1. BR!AN says:

    this is insane, Nice music welcome Iron Maiden

  2. MR Video Games Play says:

    Damn fabulous !!!

  3. RB Gamer says:

    Do I hear a riff similar to Enter Sandman’s ?

  4. ThePuli says:

    wtf is wrong with this comment section new iron maiden song enjoy it while
    you still can :/

  5. Juan Carlos Salinas Ojeda says:

    just two words….

    WELL DONE !!!!

  6. Greivin Alvarez says:

    I like this video, it is very funny. Maiden lml

  7. MrPCSniperFi says:

    Vocals are a big step up from the last album..Bruce you killed it. oh my

  8. Fabio Henrique says:

    Viciei nessa música *_*

  9. Lucas França says:

    Bruceeeee…. You the best ¹¹¹ Eddie GEEK

  10. Jorge Andrés Atta Millán says:

    wooooow! up the Irons From Colombia!

  11. Ernie Fortenberry says:


  12. JULIEN PACOTTE says:

    The song is good, the guitars, the voice of Bruce, it’s IRON MAIDEN.
    But I have a problem with the bass.
    I don’t know if it comes from YouTube or my hardware, but not hear the bass,
    Steve did not sound as usual.
    Or may be Lars Ulrich was at the console (joke).

  13. Patricia Napolitano says:

    confirm once more Maiden is the greatest band on Earth!!!!!

  14. Özgün Gör says:

    Dave Murray !!


    People can say what they want about modern day maiden, i personally would
    like to buy an album and hear Bruce sing like this and then go to a live
    show and hear him sing the exact same way. Thats what maidens all about, i
    would hate buy an album they made where Bruce’s voice sounds like hes
    singing something from the 80’s and have it mixed to death and when you go
    see them live he struggles to sing the same way because its just not
    possible. Iron Maiden is about talent, if this is the way Bruce can sing
    even with head and neck cancer, then by fuck that’s some savage singing!
    Everyone needs to stop thinking about the 80’s, sure my favorite maiden
    album is somewhere in time but that don’t mean i got to judge everything
    they make now by that!

  16. geo barreto says:

    pqp! essa banda é épica !

  17. Nodo nian says:

    At 3:10, I honestly wanted to cheer.

  18. Alberto Mancini says:

    620 people are idiots

  19. Vetão Bass says:

    Iron Maiden is my religion!!!

  20. Максим Дроботько says: