Iron Man meets Iron Lady (VO) – Captain America : Civil War

Iron Man meets Iron Lady (VO) – Captain America : Civil War

During the French premiere for Captain America : Civil War, Robert Downey Jr. revealed a little something he did on the Tour Eiffel to thank supporters of #TeamIronMan

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20 Responses

  1. Winterism says:

    Waste of time

  2. CoCo edward says:

    Iron Lady Vs Martha..oh Wait!!

  3. papasmurfgetshigh says:

    did he say paris is the city of … might lol maybe paris texas but paris
    france is more like the city of Nazi Germanys berlin just with more gays
    better wine and a good for nothing tower …sorry france but ww2

  4. jason camarillo says:

    Im still staying on captain america side

  5. Sithkiller411 says:

    Amazing. Hilarious. #teamstark

  6. weapon X (Logan) says:

    I don’t get it, iron lady?since when was it called iron lady?

  7. Jordanian Arabian PRINCE says:

    this is shit step your game faggot

  8. Heyiamgrace says:

    #teamcap needs the Statue of Liberty!

  9. Hunter Betz says:


  10. rohit shokeen says:


  11. gordon meng says:


  12. dan Aliyev says:

    Is cap’n gonna get a commercial?

  13. BATMAN says:

    Oh for fuck sake, I was teamcap before this. Come on Capt, one up or I’m
    staying with Tin man here.

  14. The Grant Man says:

    I’m sticking with cap but the odds are starting to stack against us. Sure
    we have more people but I don’t know whats gonna happen with Vision. And
    then there’s Spider-man….

  15. BigStoucheMcGee says:

    I don’t know whose side to pick ;_;

  16. Oliver Kanway says:

    #teamcap rules but Wat I can’t freaking understand is black widow and black
    panther on team iron butt they should be with teamcap ????

  17. Torri Johnson says:

    Team Black Panther

  18. Íker magro says:

    I still can’t take a side :/

  19. Wayne Yaqub says:

    ok it was kinda cool ? but seriously? Capt A could beat it easily.. it’s
    hardly genius from the guy who built iron man

  20. Денис Майский says: