Is a stylish catio possible? (building a patio for our cat)

Is a stylish catio possible? (building a patio for our cat)

We’re making a bigger, better, and much improved catio (cat patio) for our Supurrvisor! Thanks to our sponsor Squarespace, go to for 10% off your first purchase. Check out the tools / materials we used below! 👇

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– Why we put off this video for so long
– Would we change anything?
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Check out the 3d model:

TOOLS & MATERIALS (affiliate)
Rocker portable drill guide (sponsored)
Rocker circle cutting jig (sponsored)
Rockler bar clamps (sponsored)
Rockler glue brush (sponsored)
Sawstop from Rockler website (sponsored)
Clear cat door
Tiny rug
Solar ball lights
Solar spotlights
Solar lanterns
Acrylic legs
Domino Joiner
Assorted dominos
Cordless router
Plunge base for router
Miter saw
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36 Responses

  1. Evan and Katelyn says:

    Can’t believe we got ding dong ditched while recording the Catio Aftershow! 🤣 Watch the full video as a Patreon or YouTube member:

  2. SophieRo says:

    It is weird to think that the first video I ever watched on your channel was the first catio. I never knew that I would gain so much excitement and happiness from each video you posted. You two have helped me even when I was having a bad day. I am so excited to watch the three of you, that is including Joobie, continue your amazing, weird, and funny journey.

  3. Majorspacebirb says:

    Everyone: how many clamps do evan and katelyn have?
    Evan and Katelyn: Yes.

  4. Vanessa Eakin says:

    The credits:
    Thanks for watching
    set design…………Joob
    coffee runs……Katelyn
    emotional support snuggles….Joob
    sound engineering……Katelyn
    engineering engineering….Evan
    more ham…………Joob

    Special shoutout to our families for listening to us complain about how long this catio was taking

  5. Piro says:

    Catio 3.0 – A huge guard tower with a bird house, a hammock and a scratching post

  6. Aisadal says:

    I love how deep your love goes for your cat Joob, especially with all of the amazing DIYs you make for her 🥰

  7. Thinker Tinker says:

    The catio looks great. I love how Evan tried to be serious his laugh kept making me laugh.

  8. Tony Stacey says:

    Evan: “We only have one shot at this!”
    Katelyn: *Silent screaming*

  9. Ila Medlin says:

    Heya, friendly painter friend here to let you know: when stretching materials over a frame, it is best to start in the middles with the staples, starting with the long sides, causing the slack to end up at the corners. 💃🏼💖💃🏼

  10. Taylor Sumner says:

    Katelyn: “YOU’RE A SERIOUS BOI”

    Evan: *cannot be a serious boy to save his life*

    I love you guys so much🥴🤣💜

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