Is ADHD An Advantage?

Is ADHD An Advantage?

Could ADHD be an evolutionary advantage?
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Written by Amanda Edward, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown

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20 Responses

  1. Robert Daniel Curtis says:

    1:49 C-C-Combo Breaker!

  2. Ian Valdovines says:

    adhd isnt a thing when you are sitting in class for a day you cant stay

  3. Marla Singer says:

    This was just an ad wow

  4. Cheejyg says:

    I’m diagnosed with ADHD. I can’t focus on most stuff but I found out that
    if I really liked something, I could focus on it more than an average
    person would. =) (from experience)

  5. corey martin says:

    I have so bad adhd that I stoped watching this vedio to look at the
    comments then got bored so I played cod and forgot about the vedio

  6. The Anonymous Viewer says:

    well what people dont tell is that people with adhd tends to suffer from
    anxieties disorder and are usually accompinied by some other disorder.

  7. Trey Wright says:

    just give them weed it will give more dopomine out at everyday tasks

  8. Weapons Free says:

    so much makes sense now

  9. rawwithnature says:

    The scienve of introverts, extroverts and introverted extroverts

  10. FinnSadlerGaming says:

    I have it and think of it as an advantage too

  11. Maddy Thomson says:

    I really want to know what happens to those little “bugs/mites” etc on our
    eyelashes when someone puts on mascara!!

  12. YesSiOui MC says:

    ADHD pills are basically dopamine pills? That sounds dangerously addictive,
    even as much as cigarettes. 

  13. Matthew Patrick says:

    so, it seems like ADHD is an evolution? well.. nice :)

  14. dragon62221 says:

    I may not have ADHD but i have ADD.
    Should be the same i guess

  15. Kiah'sBookCorner says:

    I just wanted to ask…Are there any demigods here?

  16. Slavisa Babic says:

    Not very advantageous when you’re in class..

  17. Still Locked Up says:

    Uh no it’s not an advantage taking adderal when you have adhd you feel
    normal but when you don’t have it you feel awesome 🙂 so no it’s a
    advantage lol

  18. Football boy says:


  19. JDFilms ' says:

    I really enjoyed this video thanks:)

  20. UnderdogIQ22 says:

    I found this offensive.