Is Big Mouth REALLY That Bad?

Is Big Mouth REALLY That Bad?

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Netflix has been in a lot of hot water recently for cancelling shows like Inside Job, but I often see people call for the cancellation of their other widely popular series Big Mouth, and so I watched the entire series to answer the question… Is Big Mouth REALLY That Bad?


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0:00 Intro
3:47 Season 1
20:35 Season 2
28:40 Season 3
36:25 Season 4
43:57 Season 5
50:03 Season 6
53:32 Conclusion

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47 Responses

  1. LS Mark says:

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  2. Nizar Hadeli says:

    This show really needed one producer to say no to some ideas. Overall there are some cool concepts and funny bits but it feels like none of the writers have ever been told “hey that’s dumb actually”. Also I like the new avi model you use Mark.

    • bethany says:

      yeah, like that ladybug bit. what the hell is with that ladybug bit? why is it an ongoing bit? its so bad.

    • Pokémaniac Guquiz says:

      @The Stoned Wizard I was confused because avi is also a video file format.

    • Mello says:

      theres audience for everything, just because you dont like a concept doesnt means that it should be cut.

    • The Stoned Wizard says:

      @Pokémaniac Guquiz “avi” is short/slang for “avatar”, which in this context means Mark’s cartoon representation of himself (the orange-haired figure that pops up on screen when Mark talks). Mark appears to be using a new “model” of it, an updated version with a more dynamic art style

    • Nathan L says:

      Just speculation, but it seems like Netflix doesn’t control the quality over their original content very much. It’s why we have so many horrible shows and movies, but also why we have shows like BoJack Horseman with content that many networks would be unwilling to approve.

  3. mizcantybaby says:

    I mean, them not doing anything outside of school was the most realistic thing about the show to me. I remember having “best friends I literally only ever saw in school

    • Beanoptodon says:

      Tbh during middle school I had a flip phone I would be able to talk to my friends when I couldn’t be with them. Granted when I got a C in a class in 7th grade and my parents took my phone for the entire summer, it was not only boring but I literally had no social interaction with anyone for 3 months. It felt like prison lol

    • mizcantybaby says:

      @Finn Kedinn wasnt sad but definitely boring

    • mizcantybaby says:

      @C. W. K. N. yeah same here, the school was already an hour drive in the morning. So I had the bus friends, the ones who lived next door, and the ones for class and the ones for lunch

    • C. W. K. N. says:

      Yeah I grew up in a rural area in a huge school district so I had my school best friends and home best friends who were really just the closest kids to me geographically.

      Rarely did I hang out with my school best friends outside of school, they just lived way too far.

    • Fuwa says:

      @Finn Kedinn You wanna know what’s sad? judging others lives based off one comment they make.

  4. bocodamondo says:

    16:57 thank you!
    meta humor is really getting lazier and lazier with time, you can practically smell the writers sniffing their own butt when they write those “jokes” imagining how they will go viral on the internet

  5. EmployeeAMillion says:

    I had an English teacher in high school who considered this her favourite animated show. An English teacher! For that reason, I’ve refrained from watching or dogpiling on it, and thought it was something that appeals way more to older middle aged viewers than us zoomers. There’s probably something we’re missing, or my teacher loved dissecting the convoluted metaphors.

    • UmberScholar says:

      I can imagine that. I’m a cusp Zoomer (born in ‘97), and when the show first came out, I love it.

      But I was also on the internet in 2007 as a 10 year old and those formative years set a lot of my humor as I got older.

      That being said, l grew up with the internet – literally. My humor shifted with the online zeitgeist’s from being mean and crass to more self-deprecating and a bit more empathetic.

      I still watch Big Mouth and will put on the show as background noise to keep my ADHD brain stimulated. But it’s not as amazing as I thought it was when it first came out.

    • Mello says:

      close minded…

    • Kirsten says:

      I’d go for the latter since they are an English teacher 💀

    • both parties are TOTAL dog sht says:

      @Mizu good point but actually I think its seen as more how things were for the older gen in modern day if that makes sense lol. So the kids in big mouth act more like the older gen did (because the writers and v.a.s are all at least 35 and up) but the themes and settings are all modern. So it’s like you said, an ability to reevaluate and wish fulfill bygone days; but I’m willing to bet most (older) viewers see THEMSELVES in the cast and it’s not really a commentary on the youth; rather more of a raunchy Magic School Bus for millenials(… -boomers??? Or are those the same thing now lol)

    • Mizu says:

      It makes sense tho? Despite having a lot of “woke” themes it mostly tackles them in an old generation’s way. I really do not see anything that younger generations could relate to. Sure, they show issues teenagers have now, but they are told from a perspective of a boomer. Take for example how characters react to someone being pansexual vs bisexual, or the whole episode about being addicted to phones, or how depression is portrayed as just not being able to get up and eating snacks. All of it is literally how older ppl see kids nowadays, or a different take: this show is for adults that miss their teenage days and want to fantasise how could’ve it been if they were teens in ~2020s where they can be more open about themselves. It’s just kinda weird to me making a show about teenagers for adults, especially when there’s a lot of nudity in the show, but it’s a different can of worms.

  6. Cabeça de Prego says:

    I think the biggest reason why Big Mouth is so hated is because it keeps getting more and more seasons while other (clearly better) Netflix animations are even lucky to get just one season

    • Red Dragon says:

      Maybe you should actually watch those shows and they wouldn’t get cancelled.

    • Shakur Burton says:

      @Volvagia1927 Glad Someone had caught on to the scam against FACTS & TRUTH.

      NO ONE whom loves nor proclaims to love cartoons/anime in general legit like this show, in the end. Just by how it looks alone, the negative sentiment against is all for all the right reasons, too. Not just how it looks, neither.

      Definitely how it’s written, overall, as shown by whom made this vid, really hits home that this show isn’t good and only TECH CENSORSHIP by the SJWWEFNWOBSers (BOTS) out there are the reason it’s still going when it should have been canned a long, long time ago.

    • Junela Ananke says:

      @Lale Lol It’s completely disingenuous to act like that’s remotely the same compared to big mouth and you know it. For why, read my comment regarding South Park since someone else brought it up.

    • Lale Lol says:

      @Junela Ananke most shows talk about sex often and even children’s shows have sexual innuendos.

    • Volvagia1927 says:

      Also the critical reviews are…bizarre. 100% positive or nearly. For a show with THOSE character designs. There are TWO explanations for this show getting positive leaning reviews: 1. Bribes or threats from Daddy Kroll. (Corporate Investigations and Risk Assessment. So, yeah, if there ISN’T an off the books “protection racket” element to their business model? I’d be surprised.) 2. The TV critics beat is only judging the writing. Which…is solid for what it is, but that’d still only justify reviews around the mid-70s to low 80s. If the reviews here were organic, there’d BE dissenters. So, yeah. We come back to the “Daddy Kroll” explanation.

  7. Virgin Blood says:

    I watched this show with my friends, and while they were all laughing their asses off, my brain was in severe pain trying to figure out the rules before the whole pillow pregnancy thing then I realized this whole show is the epitome jumping the shark

  8. Ryan Carless says:

    Love the video, this show had gross moments but it’s nice that it has moments where there’s actual emotion and storytelling

  9. ToonZach says:

    The creator/showrunner of a cartoon not writing a lot of episodes seems to be not that uncommon.

    The biggest example I can think of is SpongeBob. Everyone gives all the credit for how great the show was to Stephen Hillenburg (partially out of sentimentality and remembrance, I’m sure), and while yes, he was definitely an important asset to the show and it gradually got way worse after he stepped down… he only wrote about three episodes of the show, and they were all VERY early on.

    • BillyBob 125 says:

      I’ve noticed SpongeBob episodes tend to credit writers during the end credits but not the opening credits. For example, I recall Stephen being credited as a writer for the end credits of multiple episodes that he wasn’t credited for in the opening credits, I also remember Mr. Lawerance getting credit for writing Truth or Square during the end credits but not the episode’s opening credits.

      I don’t know why it’s done, but I assume the writers solely credited during the end had a smaller role in writing those episodes.

    • Unquestionable says:

      Yeah I was gonna say it’s extremely common for a creator/showrunner who doesn’t write many episodes. I’m actually surprised to see it being complained about in the video since I presumed it was well known to anyone who follows a lot of media in depth.

    • Winslow says:

      @D M I think it depends on the show. When people like Hillenburg or Faust leave their shows, i’m sure they aren’t forced to oversee every episode even years after they left.

    • D M says:

      The creator oversees and decides on every show, though. You have to keep in mind that an episode isn’t actually solely written by the credited writer, he just does a first draft, sometimes based on outlines by the creator. Than the whole room of writers lead by the creator rewrites that script a few times into the final product. Creators are just too busy to go off and type out those first drafts.

    • J Murray says:

      In fairness the executive producers main role isn’t to write its quality control and managing the financiers they often write because they created the concept and characters but they can be more hands off if they trust the writers they hired

      I mean it’s not the worst style I’ve heard off

      Ducking Steven universe didn’t even have writers the storyboard artists created the episodes

  10. Mesousa Gaby says:

    It and Aggretsuko shares the exact same problem. It tries to say “hey, these characters will grow and change”, but also has a very odd status quo to either reset or shuffle their characters because they want to extend it in some way.

    • Cartoon Nerd says:

      @PHOENIX ♪ same! i really wanted them together at first cause he was cute in a hopeless romantic way, but he just got progressively worse and worse. Even had a chance to move on with someone great and he threw it away. Then he was suddenly a finance criminal (which is what i found interesting) but we’re supposed to sympathize cause he “did it out of love” ??

    • PHOENIX ♪ says:

      @Cartoon Nerd the fact that he started out as a lovable loser with a crush on his co-worker and slowly became a jealous incel is the worst part, honestly. i can’t even root for him anymore. him and retsuko would be awful together.

    • LapinPuff says:

      @Goro Majima Retsuko as a character is indeed pretty awesome, conceptually. It’s the show that eventually messed everything up

    • Gloom says:

      the big difference is that Aggretsukko is pleasing to the eye

    • Cartoon Nerd says:

      @Ueda Yuuji Fan I’m still upset at how rushed and overall useless Haida’s arc was the last season despite having the potential to be super interesting.

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