Is Charlize Theron Dating Gabriel Aubry? | Plead The Fifth | WWHL

Is Charlize Theron Dating Gabriel Aubry? | Plead The Fifth | WWHL

During Plead the Fifth, actress Charlize Theron sets the record straight about the rumor that she’s dating Halle Berry’s ex Gabriel Aubry and says if she really rolled her eyes at Tia Mowry at a SoulCycle class.
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Is Charlize Theron Dating Gabriel Aubry? | Plead The Fifth | WWHL

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20 Responses

  1. althea williams says:

    I love charlize she’s seems so cool and honest

  2. debbiedoodiedandi says:

    James McAvoy is so cheeky! I love him!

  3. Brianna Renee says:

    I love your show Andy

  4. Ema Star says:

    Damn girl 🔥🔥🔥 she’s perfection

  5. Anonymous says:

    She is pure Class and Beauty!!

  6. My Nguyễn says:

    42 yrs old? I can’t believe it!

  7. Allie Loukas says:

    “I’m not an eye roller, but I would say f— off” LMAO

  8. Dustin Boland says:

    I love charlize so much

  9. tetrulz jam says:

    Charlize seem pretty arrogant irl though. she isnt chirpy like this.

  10. Pokemontas says:

    Tia who?

  11. Jazzy One says:

    Usually, Andy gets really upset when guests curse, but I guess when you’re Charlize and James, he’s not going to say anything. LOL.

    I bet Charlize was rude to Tia. I can’t see Tia making that up.

  12. Crysta Belle says:

    she didn’t plead the fifth because she’s full of it .

  13. Ana Mm says:

    You could ask her question about S.Penn..this others are not that interesting

  14. Layla Aaron says:

    You guys this literally happened 3 years ago. LMAO

  15. harly moon says:

    Fuck her she doesn’t deserve fame and shit . She is fake as hell .

  16. stonsie says:

    Why the hell is this trending

  17. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Why is this trash video treading

  18. sunny marie says:

    James looking like split!!! Too close!!!

  19. StormyWeather21 says:

    I can’t look at James McAvoy with a bald head anymore and not thing he’s a manic with split personalities lol. I don’t even see professor X lol

  20. Elena Cheremnova says:

    сool video! Guys plеаse rаtе my hоt vidеo on mу сhannel. Who liкеd this videо, click “liкe” *)

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