Is Creatine safe for you?

Is Creatine safe for you?

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43 Responses

  1. Cooper Lang says:

    “And contrary to most Karen’s out there it doesn’t cause kidney or liver damage” cool just ordered some 😃

  2. Tyler King says:

    Creatine has made a world of a difference for me in the gym. I feel so strong and can do so much more now, and the recovery is so good that I’m usually ready to go to the gym again the next day without feeling super fatigued or sore.

    • Aisan Ryan says:

      @Alex Gray regardless even if u stick to a diet and to a lifting routine, you will lose some strength. Idk why everyone dances around that idea that you can keep it

    • Lucas Martins says:

      @Steven Dalloesingh not really, because ATP is not about strenght, its simply energy, your músculos probably can do those extra reps but your energy creation doesnt match It, its similar to caffeine in some ways

    • Steven Dalloesingh says:

      @Kevin Martinez our body does stop to create natural creatine as we get older, so for a consistent pump, as a bodybuilder, one would most likely have to purchase these enhancement supplements until we desire to stop training. Makes me wonder if the supplement industry is just like Big Pharma…. *.*

    • Steven Dalloesingh says:

      @Frederik Seerup Nielsen “What creatine does is it allows you to pull out those last few reps you might not have been able to before”. Couldn’t this be achieved by just simply raising your reps as your muscles grow, without any supplements? Naturally? Practice makes perfect, you started with not knowing how to write 200 new English words, but now due time and practice, you can successfully write these words with ease. I almost shat myself doing 5 pushups last month, and now I can do 10 with ease. Compound buildup.

    • Kevin Martinez says:

      @Alex Gray you never have to come off of it for one. And second, you will have less creatine phosphate available to donate phosphates in ATP replenishment but the density and working capability of the muscles are still there as is the lower motor neurons ability to use said muscles to the same effect just without as much endurance in heavier sets.

  3. Brandon Hancock says:

    “Creatine is the most studied sports supplement for good reason” 💯 facts

    • ultimate man says:

      @Michael Ferster do you have a source for that? Cant you like drink more water? What happens if your organs are dehydrated? Plus if not people with college degrees, who else? A plumber out of high school?

    • Michael Ferster says:

      Creatine dehydrates your organs and puts the water in your muscles. Honestly couldn’t imagine a worse supplement, it’s the for of protein that has such a dangerous side effect. Creatine will seriously fk you up if you do intense workouts like play any sport… It was impossible for most football players to take during two a days. Research must not be done by ppl with college degrees

    • ultimate man says:

      @Kevin Martinez I know a lot of people say that they initially lose energy which does make sense but it only lasts for a short amount of time. And yeah you do lose some of that muscle fullness.

    • TooMuchMS says:

      @Philippe Baillargeon that’s rare a rational person on this platform I congratulate you on your satiety

    • Kevin Martinez says:

      @ultimate man there are no proven side effects to ceasing creatine intake outside of losing some volume of intramuscular hydration. Any evidence to the contrary of this has been purely anecdotal for decades and just “dude trust me” broscience BS.

  4. Panzermensch says:

    I used creatine last year and my gains went through the roof, i was a solid 88 kgs. But unfortunately, my blood pressure was also skyrocketing at the same time. When I went to the doctor, he told me that the probable cause of my high blood pressure was the creatine that I was consuming. I was actually devastated at the time as I didn’t want to lose any of my gains, but for health reasons, I had to do it.

  5. Patriot Rick says:

    I’ve taken creatine for the past 3 years fairly consistently and there has been only 1 negative side effect. I have seen significantly increased male pattern baldness. I’m an identical twin and my brother who does not take creatine and who has never taken creatine has significantly more hair than I did before I shaved my head fully. So I would say if you’ve got mpb in your family be weary but other than that highly recommend. The gains on creatine are legit.

    • Julius Byes says:

      I agree it also made me start losing hair fast

    • Ivan Ivanovic says:

      No, you just don’t understand the words you’re using. Prevalence is measured in percentage. Rate is measured by dividing the change in prevalence by the time it took for that change to occur.

      If prevalence is distance, then rate would be speed. You can’t have a rate of 50%. It would be something like “0.0005% per year”
      Assuming that the average test subject was 40 years old, and I’ll use 0.1% as our prevalence just for the sake of simplicity, that would mean the rate would be just over 0.0025% per year because it would be 0.1÷40 but there’s a chance the same cell might mutate multiple times. If I did a basic catch-and-release calculation I could probably figure out our exact rate in this calculation but I think that would be unnecessary.

      And correlation doesn’t mean the same value, it means that as one value increases, we observe the other value change too.

    • Momo says:

      @Ubbe Lothbrok minoxidil doesn’t really stop MPB’s development rate, if you want to counteract the side effects of creatine you should hop on finastride

    • Ivan Ivanovic says:

      That’s not the mutation rate. It’s the prevalence of mutated cells. And that is really tiny. Also the vast majority of mutations actually have no noticeable effects, and the ones that do, almost always just create a tumour. They don’t cause baldness.

      Also the thing about chimps, they literally have more chromosomes than us. Their DNA is organised differently. The content of DNA isn’t the only thing separating species. You could have literally all the genes of a chimp and you wouldn’t be a chimp because you’d have to fit those genes together to fit the human chromosome format.

    • Ivan Ivanovic says:

      @storm5013 Interesting how your first comment disappeared right after I pointed out that you said something so ridiculous 🤔

  6. Demo uma says:

    If daddy Noel says creatine is safe for me.I be buying a lot of them now

    • JARMID says:

      @Melfeth why did you tell me this? It doesn’t matter. Btw he’s promoting this creatine, and you are right, it does help with muscle growth, but anything that has a relation with foods mixed with chemicals always has major down sides to someone’s health. This guy for example isn’t going to last to 60 years old, and he wouldn’t be living the rest of his life very content

    • Kuuly says:

      @Ben Kazem Ben Kazem? More like Ben Karen.

    • Melfeth says:

      @YoungTollah like with everything that’s related to testosterone, it can increase DHT levels in your body. More DHT in body=higher potential for hairloss

    • Melfeth says:

      @JARMID creatine monohydrate is a specific type of protein that is good for muscle growth, not a brand.

    • Niels says:

      How can you find out?

  7. Gavini says:

    That karen slap caught me off-guard Jesus

  8. Јебем ти живот says:

    I agree with everything but would like to say that although it is an amino acid found in meat, the yield is closer to 1g/1-2lb beef protein so frankly if you’re looking to get creatine, take it in supplement form, as dietary is lost in cooking and sub-efficacious in quantity anyway.

  9. Thomas Olson says:

    Just finished my first loading week early this month with creatine, probably the best I’ve felt in a long time lifting and feel confident looking in the mirror for the first time in my life. Thanks for all you do man. 💪

  10. Anonymous User says:

    Thanks for the vid as always Noel, although I prefer creatinine hydrochloride. I’ve found that the additional bond with HCl lowers the overall pH, making it pull in more water and making it easier for it to be absorbed in the small intestine. This means I don’t feel as bloated when taking it as opposed to traditional mono hydrates and I can take a lower dosage of it to get the same effect. But this is just in my experience, keep up the great work man!

    • Kira Dripkage says:

      Hydrochloride is a little less research but does seem to have better effects, but generally it’s more expensive and could cause problems that we don’t know about.

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