Is Diet Coke Better For You Than Water?

Is Diet Coke Better For You Than Water?

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20 Responses

  1. thegreatdarth ryan vadar says:


  2. LAYDism says:

    the lead is from the pipe, not the river, which is also shit filled. they
    are throwing out water cus they cant store it all. Flints fucked and all
    this “help” doesnt help. theyve been giving money to flint for years, it
    doesnt help. The county literally sold the pipe that would allow them to go
    back to the old water supply, then the epa lied about the lead in the water
    supply because the city cherry picked neighborhoods where the water wasnt
    tainted. Bottom line: help hardly helps, do it yourself, youre better off
    that way.

  3. Connor Whitehead says:

    Diet soda causes you to retain water because it severely dehydrates you

  4. WAR NATION says:

    couldnt it be that the chemicals in the code make you feel sick so you
    arent that hungry?

  5. ain't no body got time for that says:

    The nhs is a piece of shit filled with under payed,over worked doctors

  6. AFrostyPepsi says:

    Yes in flint we as a people can Dia beat this!

  7. AbooserMC says:


  8. TheHolyRevolver says:

    something similar happened on the reservation..

  9. Blacked Out Singer says:

    We don’t need your money… ? (South African)

  10. james delaurier says:

    No it’s not

  11. Adondriel says:

    no, no it’s not.

  12. Javier Fernandez says:

    heheh. teet. :)

  13. luffygear34 says:

    Diet Coke and other diet/low calorie drinks contain artificial sweeteners
    that in long term doses over years can cause tumors and cancer cells to
    populate in the body…. Fuck diet soda might as well drink regular Coke

  14. VioletTheGeek says:

    It’s not the water from the river that is contaminated with lead. It was
    the switch in water supply which led to the corrosion of the protective
    layer inside the (very old) lead plumbing which has allowed lead from the
    pipes to contaminate the water.

    So, it’s actually a much more complicated and serious issue than a mere
    change in the water supply, as well as much more difficult to fix.

    EDIT: The controversy is that officials covered it up or failed to detect
    the problem for quite a while, claiming that the water was safe when it
    was, in fact, contaminated.

  15. Tim Bosvert says:

    STFU! This is nothing but more fast talking youtube diarrhea. Thumbs down
    for kindergarten propaganda.

  16. clutchmamba says:

    maybe in Flint Michigan

  17. Micheal Read says:

    “Do you want some Smithers with your Burns”
    You nearly got that one by me.
    Well played William Haynes, well played.

  18. Sanad Batarseh says:

    Diet coke helps with my cravings when i cut

  19. OGPRONE says:

    I’m like 2 hr from flint. and that place is full of idiots…

  20. Peri “Lets go home and play” Dot says:

    The Human mind is dark, what makes it dark is that some copies of Human
    Minds are going to believe this.