Is DKOldies REALLY a Scam?

Is DKOldies REALLY a Scam? on @thisis on @DNKI

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Chapter Titles:
0:00 What is DKOldies?
1:55 “Refurbished”
2:39 Unboxing Dreamcast & Wii
4:34 Unboxing GameCube & PS3
6:00 Unboxing Xbox 360 & Game Boy Color
7:33 Testing Xbox 360
8:32 Testing PS3
9:03 Testing Wii & GameCube
10:10 Testing Game Boy & Dreamcast
11:19 Xbox 360 Teardown
14:38 PS3 Teardown
18:14 Is DKOldies a Scam?

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39 Responses

  1. matt manley says:

    There’s a difference between a store having overhead and straight up overpriced products that aren’t even cleaned much less in working order

    • Leary says:

      @xBrandon 22 yes from employee mouths they buy locally dosent mean specifically yard sales but we can assume they def did when they were smaller in scope. And keep in mind drew started the company bc he realized you can sell stuff you buy for much more online.

    • Haka Sonma says:

      @arturocookinup lol just PS3 working in my area is $170-250 max 2-3 games, all scratched up.

      It’s not nostalgic some people remember when gaming was just, fun and gaming. So not all have PC (not all games run fine either) so getting an old console they had before makes more sense.

      Demand and supply exists but remember some this supply is from 12-20 years ago, there isn’t much in circulation hence the need for higher price tags.

      To be honest even second hand stores got smart, they sell console no cables 30-50 so they just put a margin on it, and include shipping fees and web fees.

      If companies decided to release these consoles (dirt cheap at this point) or backwards compat all games, they could make money just to sell you a “license” to access old catalogues. You also wouldn’t have people getting ripped off.

      Instead Sony Xbox Nintendo all know that if these new kids saw old games and how much better they are, they wouldn’t be able to sell the crap they pass off as gaming these days. So for those who miss the better days they have to pay up, or get high end PC to emulate a majority of their games!

    • Ferret Tail says:

      ​@arturocookinup Probably because dk oldies is easy to find I assume.

    • SyzerX says:

      @xBrandon 22 okay that’s fair but I have heard that they do that

  2. GoldenPandoria says:

    I would dare to say this is a pretty final, ultimate nail in the DKOldies coffin, honestly. Thank you for covering the topic, guys.

    • Leary says:

      @Solar you can say that but the word does spread if you google there name you get negative results it’s not just YouTube at this point it might not affect them now but reputation does eventually.

    • Solar says:

      dude this doesn’t hurt their pockets at all, their average customer won’t see this video

    • Alex T says:

      Or one of the final ones.

  3. MrMcFeely says:

    This is an absolute kill shot. All the negative press over the past few months and they get a relatively suspicious looking order asking for one of each of their consoles. Almost like someone might be gearing up for a massive review and they still send out worse than some of the original examples to start all of this. Gonna be hard to recover from these bigger channels calling them out.

    • Leary says:

      We already knew they only open consoles that have a rattle inside or are not working of course they failed. And don’t even argue lack of manpower bc there’s at least 10 employees we see In videos alone.

    • Midway says:

      @Jamie M bruh

    • Jamie M says:

      They’ve also been exposed for buying known broken consoles on eBay.

    • TheCommanderTaco says:

      @zachary langston except as sadly has been proven the owner knows nothing about retro gaming, and when the top doesn’t know what they are doing it will trinkle down to other areas of employment. To accept responsibility would be to admit fault and from what I have heard of their CEO he is too smug to do such an act of humbleness.

  4. ShaqFuGuru says:

    DK Oldies have been around forever like Lukie Games and come up on Google searches for anything. Their target audience is casual nostalgia players that will never bother opening these up or comparing prices.

    It’s still crazy that with all the negative videos about them, a huge order like this didn’t set off some red flag.

    • Lurch says:

      Oh, it did. This is what their “special treatment” looks like. Still pathetic. If you just randomly ordered a single console, you’d see what they normally ship which is far worse.

  5. Prof.Goodfeels says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, DKOldies need to be held accountable for what they’re doing to people. Not just the ridiculous pricing but the way they don’t even touch the inside of their “Refurbished” consoles. Good to see Austin showing his viewers this!

    • One. says:

      Lol calm down.

    • Haka Sonma says:

      Ask yourself, if the second hand store or donations fixed and cleaned every product you buy, you think they’ll sell for cheap?

      When I did appliance deliveries I never understood how some people would buy “refurbished” and then start complaining when we’d deliver about scuffs and dents etc like…. didn’t you know this when you bought it? Or you just wanted the refurbished priced with a like new appliance?

      He’s not going to be splitting machines open to clean them when you won’t do it yourself (or you may, but majority won’t risk it) and then expect to pay the same price.

      Yes they’re high, but that’s anywhere you go. If you have a decent pc then emulate what you can but if you don’t you’re only option is one of these consoles like it or not, the supply isn’t growing after 12-20 years for some consoles.

      Then again, everyone buys half assed stuff, so why wouldn’t the next guy decide to do the same? Sadly the people being honest and nice don’t make money, and those stingy and deceitful make bank.

      So if you want better prices do the work to find them, check second hand stores or ask older folks who no longer have their children around if they have any old consoles, you might just get lucky – otherwise unfortunately or fortunately it’s one these guys we have to deal with!

    • Ferret Tail says:

      Agreed they should be held accountable it’s good to see more people showing what dk does.

    • Joshua Langston says:

      The only way to hurt DKOldies is to not give them your money. Take your business elsewhere! (Not you, you. The general you.)

  6. cman says:

    The most mind blowing fact about this is how not one person found it suspicious that someone ordered that many consoles and that MAYBE someone was going to review how well they ‘refurbish’ their consoles. I came across DKOldies a few months back and was going to order a couple retro consoles and with all the heat they’re getting, I’m glad I did not.

  7. Just a turtle says:

    Calling DKoldies a trustful company is like calling GameStop a great store.

  8. Chris G says:

    Shoutout to Rich from ReviewTech and ESPECIALLY Jacob R. For brining these issues to light. Y’all should definitely shoutout those channels cuz they did the hard work before anyone else

  9. Nova says:

    11:44 Funny enough those void stickers are actually illegal in the United States under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, so even if they did enforce that, you can probably fight them over it, assuming you didn’t break it when opening.

    • Crystal Water says:

      @Nova Bump. The fact that they put these stickers on there so that people can’t see that inside isn’t refurbished is straight up scummy.

    • Nova says:

      @R Sukut Even if they put it over screw-holes, there is ways to get the sticker off without damaging it, so it’s pretty pointless to even do it, Especially considering that the stickers weren’t even on fully and Austin could just peel it off with no residue or effort, and let’s not act like DKOldies is actually going to go through the effort to do their best work.

      Plus, Microsoft and Sony already have tampering seals on these products to show it has been opened prior, so another sticker is pretty pointless for that reason.

    • Tibbles says:


    • GammaTest says:

      Get bumped

  10. LodanSD says:

    Among the popular theories, one that I am supporting is that they took in more orders than they could fulfill using the advertised process, and started taking shortcuts to save face, then slowly sank into all shortcuts and still made the videos to rake in more profits!

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