Is Everything Better with Peanut Butter?

Is Everything Better with Peanut Butter?

Can peanut butter make our food fears into fine feasts? GMM #1202
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Writer/Producer: Kevin Kostelnik
Writer/Producer: Ellie McElvain
Writer/Producer: Matt Carney
Writer/Producer: Eliza Bayne
Writers Assistant: Nick Lopez
Associate Producer: Chase Hilt
Food Producer: Tess Middlebrook
Technical Director/Graphics/Editor: Morgan Locke
Editor: Casey Nimmer
Graphics: Matthew Dwyer
Art Director: Mike Pasley
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20 Responses

  1. Victoria says:

    The moment Rhett sang “Hello, is it fun you’re looking for” is giving me LIFE.

  2. Black Me says:

    Why does this episode feels like GMMore?

  3. Lone Law says:

    i like pineapple and ham pizza

  4. Natalie Dardon says:

    There is some actually tasty products made out of blood. In Argentina they have blood sausage. I had to try one, it tasted good buuuuuuuuut I almost puked because ewwww it was blood and it was blood clotty! My mind was having a freak out. I told my friend it tasted pretty good but the texture is absolutely disgusting. Ahhhhh and she told the man I wanted a whole sausage….. -_- I nearly died. When he wasn’t looking I put it back in the bowl of blood sausage….. -_- he thought I liked it so much he put another on my plate :'( well I can describe it to have the flavour of fast food restaurant Chinese, but gross and squishy, with clotts and ahhhhhhh!

  5. Phil Zero says:

    I wanted to see link eat the blood

  6. Des Turner says:

    Sweet acidophilus milk was one of those things where I’d only get the milk at school because the other kids would say, “Hey, Destiny. What’s that long word on your milk?” and I’d be like, “Acidophilus. That just means its been enriched with healthy stuff.” It was literally like an everyday thing. We had that conversation every day. I was the only kid who didn’t get chocolate or strawberry milk because I felt like I had to educate my peers on what the long word on my milk meant. Ah, simpler times.

  7. Corvus Crow says:

    Do they realise your supposed to fry the blood pudding until it’s black? If it’s black pudding, no one eats it raw. Every time they bring it on Its cringe worthy. Just put it in a frying pan.

  8. Brainpop14 says:

    Also never Google the English Translation of Despacito

  9. john hopkins says:

    Havent even started to watch it but its gna b links dream come true 🙂

  10. Yaki Is An Alien says:

    👏someone animate this👏 “Have you been to the Red Lobster? They’ve got Thai peanut butter lobster now! No one’s ordering it except for those two guys in the corner, and they haven’t left for three days.”

  11. Vika R.F says:

    is this gonna be a new series episode like will it eps?

  12. Voodoo Child says:

    “it’s not bad at all”

  13. the tominator says:

    Somewhere in the world Gordon Ramsay is cringing

  14. The Slave Union of Forest Brook says:

    I was hungry before this video. At least I don’t have to buy lunch now.

  15. DJH316007 says:

    I’ve had pb on pizza before. They replaced the sauce with pb. It was called Skippy’s Dare.

  16. DevilboyScooby says:

    I feel like Link copped out with tomato. He’s eaten far worse on this show before.

  17. joshua sigel says:

    I used to put pb on my pizza as a kid. It was so good

  18. Ark says:

    Link is such a damn drama queen, haha. Tomatoes? Really? Oh come on!

  19. kitsunae says:

    I’m with Link on this one. Tomatoes are just downright gross. Not worse the watermelon though, that’d be my food fear. I’d rather eat a milkshake composed of all the grossest crap they’ve ever eaten on this show before I would ever put my mouth on watermelon again 😂

  20. Raven says:

    link: tomatoes aren’t for eating they’re for garden decoration.
    meanwhile i’m thinking back to will it dumplings,
    link: eating the BLT dumpling and the tomatoe tasted roasted or something and link said ‘wich i do like roasted tomatoes i just don’t like a raw tomatoe’.

    so yeah.. ok link xd

    just had to point that out xD..

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